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Glass of Wine

ISO 100 227mm f/11 2sec

A few days ago I purchased a 70-300mm macro lens off of craigslist for a great price, and since then have been looking for a chance to use it. I figured now would be a great time to throw some variety into the mix so today I set up a make shift photography studio in my office and shot my last glass of wine out of this bottle. I used a empty Huggies box from my nieces diaper box pile to hold up my taped together printer paper back drop, and used some left over gold reflective wrapping paper from Christmas as a light reflector off to the side to give it a warm glow from my flash bouncing off of it. After firing off a couple shots from across the room I pulled the image into photoshop and removed the lines from the paper backdrop. With a couple more tweeks this was the “final product”.

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