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ISO100 34mm f/22 1/8/sec

This is an idea thats been sitting in my head for some time now. I gained my inspiration from a talk I used to give my Reps back in my District Management days. In talking about how some things only hold value to people if presented in a certain package, and how most products can only depreciate in value over extended amounts of time. To prove my point I would hold up a bottle of top name water and ask “who would pay 3 dollars for this bottle of water”, and at least half the hands would go up. I would then hold up a styrofoam cup full of water and ask again “who would pay 3 dollars for this cup of water”, and not only did no hands go up, but the room would start to fill with subtle chuckles as the reps started to think their manager was going crazy. I would then take another styrofoam cup and ask “How many of you realized all I did was this…” as I poured the water from the bottle into the cup. It was at this point that they realized they were paying for the bottle rather than the water.  Read more…

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