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Scuffing on the Wall

ISO 1600 50mm f/11 1/125sec

With yesterday being Valentines day I had set out on a mission to create a Valentines inspired image different from anything I had seen. I fabricated a brilliant idea and went to town to create it! I went out and spent $35+ on supplies and hurried home to set it all up. I spent 20 plus minutes in working on the super simple setup and shot for an hour and a half running back and forth to the computer to verify results. I would get about 10-15 min into editing an image before realizing that I needed to shoot at a different angle. So I would hurry back over to the setup and shoot again. I put a great deal of effort into these shots, and then came to the realization that it just wasn’t happening the way I wanted haha. I don’t share this to get pity, I just feel at times we should share the humor of our failures. Keeps us humble 🙂 I haven’t done away with the idea just yet, I just think its going to work better in a different setting and have plans to create it soon 😉 Read more…

Beautiful Simplicity

ISO 200 55mm f/7.1 1/60sec

Our crazy weather is back on to melting the snow once more, and its actually quit interesting that with everything covered in a white blanket the last week, the absence of snow has re-heightened my vision of interest around me. As if I had a brief vacation from the normal world and was returning to experience it once again. Adding highlights to the scenes around us the gentle lines of remaining snow reminds us not to forget what season we are in. These quick shifts in weather provide opening for gratitude and appreciation of what we encounter on a day to day basis, whether it be a beautiful winter wonder scene or the often overlooked “works of art” that lies in everyday places the contrasting elements add more dimension to our lives.

Among other things, Im a sucker for simplicity, geometric shapes and architecture and when they come together I get really really excited! I absolutely love everything in this scene! I love the two brief highlights of snow, the simple rectangles, triangles and the circle especially. On top of that the cropping of the scene leaves the sky in the same diagonally cut rectangle shape as the different cinder blocks that make up the top portion of the wall. The texture of the cement helps break it free from the overcast sky, and the inside roofing of the building just about looks like it doesn’t belong. In my mind I picture a parallel world through the hole and cant help but to want to peak through. And of course I love the blue within the ring of the circle, probably one of my all time fav shades of blue. Its such a simple scene yet it holds so much detail and  has quit the story to tell. At least thats my thought 😉

Dancing Lights

ISO 200 55mm f/7 1/160 sec

Its scenes like this that bring me so much pleasure when exploring the city architecture. One of the things I look for, just like in my photo from earlier this week, is the reflections in the windows of the buildings I pass, but often its not the reflections in but the reflections from the windows that creates great beauty.

I often try to visit the city as the sun is starting to call it a day, as it falls in the sky it truly brings the city to life and unleashes its true character. The light being reflected almost has the idea that its dancing and enjoying its weekend after a long cold grueling work week of going un-noticed as office workers look through them and take advantage of all that they do. They turn this wall into a big screen cinematic experience as they sway back and forth, changing shapes and sizes with each passing minute, trying to get the most out of the sun light they have left for the day. Soon after, the sun will have snuck off to share its light with other panes, and these windows will only have the company of street lights and the passing traffic.

Downtown Blues

ISO 400 40mm f/5.0 1/30 sec

I fell in love with this wall as soon as I seen it! If you haven’t noticed by now I love the color blue, and this scene is no exception.  It reminds me of the photos I’ve seen of urban Philadelphia and NY, I picture kids playing basket ball down a side alley way, and a fire hydrant down the block being used as a large sprinkler with giggling children yelling “tag your it” every 10 seconds.

With the weather being so wishy washy lately its exciting even to me to see what each days photo will produce. Our snow is starting to melt again, only to be slightly replenished by the brief flurry here and there. Were suppose to have a good amount of snow rounding the corner of the week, but until then Im enjoying the vibrant saturated beauty of the different hues I’ve been so blessed to observe through the lens.

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