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Summer Colors

ISO100 50mm f/5 1/1600 sec

Walking around downtown today was a bit chillier then it has been the last week, yet despite the bitter cold I was able to find some warmth with this scene.

Finding this was a bit of a surprise as it was a major contrast to the dull surroundings of the immediate peripheral cityscape.  Everything else had been grayed and muted by the city life. Like its lost its soul long ago, and now only reminisces of the good ol days. But not this wall here! Its like the new kid on the block trying to bring the fun and excitement back into the streets. Its the kid thats banging on the door as soon as the sun is up trying to bring everyone out to play ball, and then keeps the energy going till the sun goes down. With its vidid colors is not afraid to make a bold statement, and is just waiting for the rest of the street to join in on the fun.

Photographic Inspiration: Jay Maisel

I wanted to share some interviews to follow up with my recent comments on Jay Maisel, who I would consider has had the biggest impact on my street and city photgraphy. Jay has a phenomenal view on the world, and though he talks like a true New Yorker he has many many years of wisdom to offer. Jays work is timeless and his words carry the same if not more weight than his perfectly captured photographs. Even though each of these interviews are only a few short minutes long, I can guarantee you will walk away a better photographer with tid bits to implement into your own creative workflow. I cant wait to hear you guys’ thoughts. Jay continues to inspire me and my work, and Im sure he will do the same for yours.

Jay Maisel – Photographer

Conversations at the Summit with Jay Maisel

Corner Bistro

ISO200 75mm f/7.1 1/25sec

I love the quiet feel of this scene, its like a taste of relaxation amongst the bold busy ingredients of the rest of Downtown. Its actually quit contrasting to the busy street it is nestled into. This small restaurant sits on the corner of a building I’ve shot just about every time I’ve been downtown shooting. The building has a certain character to it that I have not done any justice with my photos, butt I will continue to fight with it until it opens up to me. However every time in shooting I’ve always focused on the detailed lining of the rounded roof and have constantly overlooked this beautiful scene beneath. I have touched on this subject in the past, yet still find it amazing that we can be so focused on something that we miss the beauty thats just a few feet in a different direction. And yes even I unfortunately fall into this pitfall at times, but its refreshing to catch myself in the act as it brings me back to reality.

Overall I just find comfort in this scene, with the warm tones and gentle structure. I probably should have bumped the ISO up a being in the shadows, but I still enjoy the resulting image. Even the soft edges from hand holding at this low of a shutter speed adds to the general comfort of the photo in my opinion. I do plan on getting back to enjoy the food and wines they have to offer, in hopes the building will warm up to me and allow me a nice shot of its other beauties.


ISO 200 55mm f/7 1/400sec

Downtown was absolutely gorgeous today, however the wind was sharp as a knife! I mean it was COLD with a capital C..O..L..D. With gloves on, my fingers still froze over enough I couldn’t hit the shutter any more. My girlfriend and I made it around a single block before deciding to head back to the car. Luckily there was still plenty of unique surroundings in the single block to be captured through the lens.

What I love about this scene is that each window had its own radically different perspective on the building across the street. They each see the building in their own unique way and boldly express it to the rest of the world. This is much like the viewers that come through this blog on a daily basis (THATS YOU!!! :). Everyone experiences art and photography in their own unique way. I absolutely love reading the comments and thoughts (keep em coming!!) that are posted about each photo, because I love experiencing my creative expressions through the eye’s of my visitor. Thats the beauty of art, how one person experiences the piece is sometimes drastically different than the next person, and thats 100% ok. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to Art, just multiple experiences. Imagine how bland the world would be if we had no creative vision.. So like the windows above, boldly share your perception of the world!

Blue Windows

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/620sec

Can you believe this picture is from Michigan in the middle of the winter!?! The snow is starting to melt away, although the forecast shows a few more winter wonder days right around the corner! However with the melting snow, it allows me to switch gears from the cold weathered photos Ive posted the last few days, and add some warmth to the blog with this vibrant summer-ish photo taken again with my iPhone today at a little breakfast restaurant called “The Omelet Shop”. My girlfriend and I were searching around for an open bank not realizing with MLK day, all the banks were closed. So pulling out of the deserted Chase parking lot, bummed that our mission of check cashing was foiled and would have to be postponed til tomorrow, we decided to cheer ourselves up at this restaurant across the street. I had never eaten here, but the exterior was so enticing, and as they say you should always judge an omelet shop by its cover.

This photo brings me back to my recent days of living on the beach in Virginia! In fact my neighbors building was painted almost an identical color scheme, with the addition of some orange and green. I can imagine walking by the blue window sills of the building with sandals and a loose fit tee that I threw on just after an intense game of ultimate frisbee on the beach. There was a 7-11 across the street that we frequented often, and if it weren’t for the no shirt no shoes no service sign, we would have spent all summer in our swim trunks and shorts. I would say Im still a beach boy, just in a Michigander disguise, which works well with the counter part of a Michigan omelet shop in a beach shack disguise.

Cross the line?

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/250sec

It’s funny, my feelings about posting this image are inline with the image itself. There seems to be a big wave of people posting pictures of their feet on flickr and other image posting sources and I did not want to fall into that category, because Im sure the last thing people want to see is a photo of my feet. However I do love this photo and the idea of the “lines” we cross on a daily basis. So I found myself asking do I “cross the line” into an area I was planning on avoiding and post the picture or toss it over into the recycle bin. Well I decided to be adventurous and post it anyways.

I had actually forgotten I had taken this picture. Like I posted the other day I’ve been trying to get more in the habit of shooting with my iPhone throughout the day. I was on my way into the grocery store and a moment of inspiration hit me, as it often does throughout the day. Which have you ever realized how abusive inspiration really is, it just hits you when you least expect it, no warning at all. sheesh. Anyways, Im looking down at the pavement thats covered with the remnants of melted snow that has been recently plowed away and Im walking over these cool yellow lines. I keep saying to myself “don’t you cross that line”.. step.. “oh yeah, better not cross this one”.. step.. while at the same time constantly looking up to make sure I wasn’t pulling a bugs bunny move on myself making me step off a cliff or something haha. Then it hit me, this is one of those times I should be shooting with the phone. At this point Im standing in traffic, and now Im looking down taking pictures of my feet and the line to be crossed. Needless to say the impatient shoppers were.. well impatient, so horns started to blare and I quickly bolted inside to get my shopping done and completely forget about my picture until uploading the pics later in the evening.

I do love the thought behind this photo, of the lines we choose to cross or not cross throughout the day, whether they be¬†emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual or all of the above. We come against so many decisions throughout the day, some we don’t even realize until we take time to look, like the yellow lines in this picture. I find a version of this saying coming up in my mind a lot lately. Im working on losing some weight, diving further into my religion, growing my business and relationship among other things and because of that I encounter so many lines throughout the day in which I decide whether or not to cross. There’s a fast food restaurant… do I cross that line and risk my diet/health? There’s a new training on photography or design.. do I cross that line. Some lines we need to cross are easy and thoughtless, others not so much. Some Im sure even scare us, we may not even want to look across the line because we don’t know what may be on the other side. Either way we find ourselves connecting with this image more than we realize.

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