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Photographic Inspiration: Michael Levin

When it comes to fine art, my taste resides in “the simpler the better”, with a few exceptions. Michael Levin’s portfolio is the definition of simplistic expression when it comes to black and white fine art! His ability to narrow in and capture a scenes most simple elements is a true inspiration.

His images are so well balanced you cant help but to enjoy the process of being drawn in. The composition is executed in such a brilliant way, that even with a photographic eye I immediately focus on the scene itself rather than scanning for the  building block of the image, which I think as photographic creatives we do to often. With a wide variety of subjects across his portfolio, its truly a joy strolling through each photo. Read more…


ISO100 109mm f/16 1/8sec

I won’t lie, the recent snow fall has me a bit bummed, let alone chilly. I had gotten so used to the warmer weather that I about forgot it was still winter. With the flop of temperature I’ve been somewhat longing for summer time to arrive and have been gazing over to my summer wear the last few days in hopes it would warm things up a bit. So to somewhat express my mood I decided to shoot some of my summer shades to add to my simplistic approach on fine art. Read more…

One little word


What an amazing word! At a glance this small word may appear to be an insignificant combination of the second and fifth letter in our english alphabet, but combined these letters bare a world of meaningfulness, an intense source of significance even. Believe it or not, but this word has kept me up at night. This word excites me and gives me strength moving forward. Imagine that… out of all the letter combinations running through my mind throughout the day, these two simple letters can at times hold more weight then any other word in my mind. Coupled with other words, these two letters can move mountains.

Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~Mahatma Gandhi

According to the dominant definition of the word be is:

  • To exist in actuality; have life or reality.

Put simply to be is to live! This is how writers like William Shakespeare are able to put such weight on this simple word, like in the famous line from his playHamlet:

“To be, or not to be” ~William Shakespeare’s Hamlet Act3 Scene1

So why am I putting so much emphasis on this one word you may ask. Well to know me, you must know that I choose the words that I focus on very carefully. I choose words and thoughts that will move me forward to my current goals and ultimately towards the best version of myself, and this word in my mind give me ownership over my abilities, actions and my direction. The constant use of this word means to set the solid foundation and expectations of what my life consists of, and to settle for anything less would be unacceptable. To be is to not just be alive; but to live life to its fullest, and to love the life we’ve been blessed with. To accept anything less than this best version of myself, is to fall short of Being me!

Be Love
Be Grateful
Be Present
Be Forgiving
Be Strong
Be Proactive


Live Life :: Love Life

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