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ISO 100 55mm f/11 1/125sec

YIELD. What a strange word. Im not sure if I’ve ever heard it used any where other than these signs. It can be a bit confusing at times, its not quit stop.. but not quit go either. Maybe thats why from my experience most people just ignore them and drive right on through. We obviously know the sign and what it means, however we often don’t give it much attention. It asks us to slow down and observe our surroundings before moving forward, yet were often to busy with our lives that we give it a quick “eh thats good enough” adjustment of our speed and keep on going.

This happens often in other areas of our lives as well, we get thrown a “Yield Signs” at various times and just keep on going. Life try’s to get us to slow down and appreciate and observe the surrounding, the moment, the now. But we are in such a hurry to get on with life, so we completely blow by the “sign” an give that “eh, good enough”. When we do that, we miss out on the beauties the world has to offer on a daily basis.

I love the simplicity of this photo, with just 3 key elements, as well as the bold red that contrasts the whole scene just beautifully. This is right at the corner of my block, and the snow has really just really helped to add magic to everything around. Its been so wonderful being able to capture some of it through the lens!

Strict Authority

ISO 100 60mm f/4.0 1/125sec

This photo is accompanied by a funny story. These signs are on a car port at a condo community around from my house. Every time I drive past it always catches my eye, making me wonder what kind of biker hating people live in this little community. Well I found out when I stopped to take the picture. I pulled into the drive and parked the car to jump out real quick to take a few shots, when a older lady pulls up behind me and starts layin on the horn. So kindly I pulled forward out of her way and turned around to park right at the exit of the drive. I get out of the car with my camera, give the lady a generous smile and start taking pictures. I start to hear shouts “You cant park there!” “You have to leave”. I quickly started to understand the signs I was starring at through the lens. I look up and her she is storming over to me yelling at me “You cant park there” “You cant take pictures here” “What are you taking pictures of”. At this point I cant help but to laugh that this lady is letting this ruin her day. I told her I was taking picture of the sign because I like the way it looked. Her reply… “Yea its absolutely gorgeous… Im calling the cops”. I found my answer… Thats the kind of person who lives here.

I do love this image however. Up until today it evoked such mystery on who would be so strict as to not allow bikes right off a main road. Creatively I love the stark contrast between the new no biking sign and the tattered old private property sign. The brick makes the white in the sign and rain gutter below just pop. The bricks and rust trail on the bottom sign work as good leading lines to the dominating sign above.

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