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Ladder Pattern

ISO1600 50mm f/11 1/4000sec

It feels so great to have the camera back in my hands!!! I’ve missed it over the last 4 days, and felt more alive today than I have in some time! At times if feels like being taken down hard by the seasonal flu can be a wonderful blessing, because when you enter back into the mindset of good health you start to look at things in a fresh perspective again. With that comes a renewed energy, and I my friends definitely have renewed energy. Read more…

Shadow on the Wall

ISO 200 100mm f/11 1/60sec

In my story I will be referring to shooting yesterday as I am posting this on sunday. The internet was being goofy last night and not letting me on. haha.

Yesterday I had the company of one of my best friends with me while shooting downtown. Hogan and I have know each other since early teenage years, and he’s always been down for adventuring around town with me. However, this is the first time he’s been with me when I was armed with my dslr so Im sure it was a slightly different experience for him. We took a wider approach to exploring downtown then I normally take and walked along the outskirts rather than through the heart of the city. I must admit going through the some 300 photos I took, it was not one of my better days at shooting. Regardless of the photo’s I returned home with I had a blast hanging out like the good ol’ days when we were kids with no worries and no obligations except to be adventurous kids. Read more…

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