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Photographic Inspiration: Rodney Smith

If your on the Nick Exposed Facebook page at all you’ve probably seen the awesome interviews I posted of wonderful photographer and teacher Chris Orwig! If you haven’t seen them head over to the Facebook page right now and check them out! (Hit the like button while your there to be in on the excitement next time) Back to the main topic.. In those interviews Chris discusses his inspiration from photographer Rodney Smith. So naturally I went on a search for his work in hopes of finding my own inspiration, and man did I find it. I would have to say Rodney is a Master when it comes to story telling with his images! His photography speaks the words of a brilliant poet and has the imagery of a chart rocking cinema. His scenes draw me in and encapsulate my imagination bringing me back to my boyish beginnings as I try to make sense of it all, asking question after question.

Its been interesting lately, as I have been more and more inspired by the work of those who only use film. Theres a bit of unspoken truth and boldness in those who stick to the origins and create stunning pieces such as Rodney’s. It proves its not in the equipment, but in the hand and eye of the photographer. Rodney as a person seems to be a very truthfully spoken individual as well, which may be why he relates with film so well. In reading through his blog a bit, he’ not afraid to speak what is on his mind. At the same time seems to know the power of his words and how to use them to better both himself and those around him, which I also feel shines through in his work. There seems to be a wonderful consistency between the photographer and his work. Jay Maisel often says “In order to take more interesting pictures, you must become a more interesting person”, and Rodney is definitely an interesting person. He has a wonderful sense of style and cleanliness in his personal life resulting in wonderfully clean photos that have a style of their own. Read more…

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