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Dancing Lights

ISO 200 55mm f/7 1/160 sec

Its scenes like this that bring me so much pleasure when exploring the city architecture. One of the things I look for, just like in my photo from earlier this week, is the reflections in the windows of the buildings I pass, but often its not the reflections in but the reflections from the windows that creates great beauty.

I often try to visit the city as the sun is starting to call it a day, as it falls in the sky it truly brings the city to life and unleashes its true character. The light being reflected almost has the idea that its dancing and enjoying its weekend after a long cold grueling work week of going un-noticed as office workers look through them and take advantage of all that they do. They turn this wall into a big screen cinematic experience as they sway back and forth, changing shapes and sizes with each passing minute, trying to get the most out of the sun light they have left for the day. Soon after, the sun will have snuck off to share its light with other panes, and these windows will only have the company of street lights and the passing traffic.

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