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Summer Colors

ISO100 50mm f/5 1/1600 sec

Walking around downtown today was a bit chillier then it has been the last week, yet despite the bitter cold I was able to find some warmth with this scene.

Finding this was a bit of a surprise as it was a major contrast to the dull surroundings of the immediate peripheral cityscape.  Everything else had been grayed and muted by the city life. Like its lost its soul long ago, and now only reminisces of the good ol days. But not this wall here! Its like the new kid on the block trying to bring the fun and excitement back into the streets. Its the kid thats banging on the door as soon as the sun is up trying to bring everyone out to play ball, and then keeps the energy going till the sun goes down. With its vidid colors is not afraid to make a bold statement, and is just waiting for the rest of the street to join in on the fun.

Red Texture

ISO200 37mm f/11 1/200sec

I wanted to wait a bit before I posted a description about this photo. Im currently reading “Photographically speaking” by David duChemin, and in it he talks about creating images that speak for themselves. He mentions that if you need to start the conversation with your own words then the picture isn’t strong enough to speak for itself. And this is only a chapter or two into the book… its going to be a good book ­čÖé So this has me thinking more about my images Im taking and sharing with the world. Im trying to approach with a message in mind, not so much for me to share through my words, but through my photographic expression.

In this case it was really just sharing my experience for coming across such an extraordinarily textured and vibrant wall. I bracketed for HDR in order to capture as much detail as I possible could, because it was the detail that originally drew me into the scene in the first place. And with the vibrant highly saturated red the wall was sporting, it was certain this wall was making a statement. The funny thing is this is the side wall to the local Subway restaurant (You know.. “Eat Fresh”). On the other side of the wall are un-energized clock watching sandwich artists that cant wait for the day to get over so they can get on with their lives. Isn’t that crazy to think about, on the one side of the wall you have Bold Vibrant Excitement, on the other you have a mundane and monotonous lack of energy. I felt like a completely different person outside looking at the wall versus what I was feeling not a minute or two before while in line hungry for a sub but being fed negative energy from the workers who had 50 other places in mind where they would rather be. Completely different environments, yet only a foot of concrete wall apart.

Its in my nature to find not only creative, but personal inspiration in the various things I come across throughout the day. And this reminds me that far to often we choose to sit in an energy draining environment wondering why we aren’t getting to the places in life we want to get to, when what we need to do is change our environment to one that is full of energy and excitement. Often times the better environment isn’t that much further away.

Candle Magic

ISO 100 27mm f/11 12sec

I love switching things up and trying new things. I was stuck in the studio (design) today working on some flyers for the annual charity Gala we have coming up, so I didn’t get a chance to go on a photo walk like I normally would. Which gave me a perfect excuse to get creative tonight and experiment with light painting/drawing. I’ve been wanting to give this a whirl (pun intended) for a bit now, but just haven’t taken the time to do so. Its refreshing to bounce from searching for something beautiful and creative to then going and creating something creatively beautiful.┬áThe great thing about these types of photos is you have no clue how its going to turn out when your creating it. So theres already elements of curiosity, wonder, and surprise when your painting with the light.

To me this photo looks so magical, like something straight out of a disney movie. Its almost as if the candle is changing into something, like it has a secret night life and disguises itself as a candle during the day. Which raises the question.. what would a candle be if it could choose to not be a candle.. hmm. Maybe a fire extinguisher, that would be ironic.


ISO 100 55mm f/11 1/125sec

YIELD. What a strange word. Im not sure if I’ve ever heard it used any where other than these signs. It can be a bit confusing at times, its not quit stop.. but not quit go either. Maybe thats why from my experience most people just ignore them and drive right on through. We obviously know the sign and what it means, however we often don’t give it much attention. It asks us to slow down and observe our surroundings before moving forward, yet were often to busy with our lives that we give it a quick “eh thats good enough” adjustment of our speed and keep on going.

This happens often in other areas of our lives as well, we get thrown a “Yield Signs” at various times and just keep on going. Life try’s to get us to slow down and appreciate and observe the surrounding, the moment, the now. But we are in such a hurry to get on with life, so we completely blow by the “sign” an give that “eh, good enough”. When we do that, we miss out on the beauties the world has to offer on a daily basis.

I love the simplicity of this photo, with just 3 key elements, as well as the bold red that contrasts the whole scene just beautifully. This is right at the corner of my block, and the snow has really just really helped to add magic to everything around. Its been so wonderful being able to capture some of it through the lens!

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