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Deep in Thought

ISO 1600 50mm f/2.0 1/8sec

Tonight I decided to play around with this Canon EF 50mm 1.8 prime lens Im borrowing, and so far I find it a bit quirky. I think it may be just this lens, because I’ve heard some excellent reviews and heard of some amazing results, but every time I try shooting with it, it is extremely inconsistent (which was the same complaint the owner of the lens had as well). The exposure levels are all over the board, I could be shooting the exact same scene, same settings and all and it will be a stop or more under-exposed versus the last shot. Its almost like its self bracketing. So far I would almost just assume shoot with my 18-55 and not have to deal with the hassel. But then again all of this could just be my lack of experience with it, and I do plan on taking it out more to see if I can get it figured out. Its a good lens and it has its purpose, and I do love the fact that it makes you think about your shots more, but sometimes I just think this particular one is a bit quirky haha.

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Fresh Snow

ISO 200 135mm f/5.6 1/50sec

In starting this project, I swore to myself that my first photo wasn’t going to be a personal shot of friends or family. Well, as you can see, heres my girlfriend. haha. I just had to use this shot because it worked out so beautifully that during our photo walk it started snowing. This winter has been something strange for Michigan as we approached the new year with only two recent snowfalls, both of which were rather wimpy for Michigan standards. But as they say in with the fresh year in with the fresh snow… actually I don’t know anyone who says that but it sounded good at the moment. Anyways, were walking around and it starts to snow so were trying to hurry up and get some good shots in before my camera gets a fresh coating of deadly snow over top of it, when I turn around and here she is trying to catch the snow on her tongue. Such a organic moment caught on camera, it trumped every other photo I took for the day. So here she is, my lovely girlfriend Michelle in her debut photo in my project. Im sure this wont be the last time she ends up in one of my posts.

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