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They Have Arrived!

I am continued to be impressed by the Kelby Media Group. In my previous experience with winning anything its taken months to get to me and it hardly lives up to what the prize bearer makes it out to be. These on the other hand arrived just 3 short business days after winning! They were accompanied by a personalized thank you/ congratulations letter as well! Now thats customer service!! I cant wait to dive into these plug-ins and see what kind of magic they will create! Stay tuned for updates and reviews on these three as well as other excitement I have for my new friends over at Kelby Media!

Thank You Photoshop Guys!

So I woke up this morning with an exciting email in my inbox informing me i had WON the weekly drawing on NAPP and Kelby Trainings weekly photoshop show Photoshop User TV with the hosts “The Photoshop Guys”!! So Awesome!! I watch the show every week and even without winning anything I have been a raving fan, not just of this show but of all Scott Kelby’s weekly podcast shows and the Kelby Training program! But before going into all that I should share the excitement of what I won 🙂 Read more…

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