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Kiwi Slices

ISO 100 300mm f/22 1/4sec

I built a new macro light-box last week and just recently got ┬ánew lighting for it, so I’ve been wanting to give it a good test drive. Today was another design packed day not leaving me much opportunity to get out and shoot, so I thought it would be another good opportunity to experiment a bit indoors specifically with the ol’ macro lens.

I absolutely love fruit, juice, and smoothies!! Ever since I was a wee little lad, I’ve always enjoyed kiwi as my favorite fruit! And to this day its one of my favorite ingredients in my green smoothies! As a kid I used to think it was such a strange fruit, brown and furry on the outside, but green and delicious on the inside. The seeds aren’t hard enough that you have to worry about biting down on them, and they add another level of texture when your eating it. It has such a vibrant green color that you can’t help but to let it put you in a good mood, and with its rich vitamin C, anti oxidants and enzymes your energy will match your mood.

Creatively I went with this composition because I love the white space and how it contrasts with the vibrant green. With the extra white, it allows you to be able to appreciate the color a bit more and adds a nice balance between the left and right sides of the comp. Just as when eating the fruit itself the seeds add an extra bit of interest to the overall scene.


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