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ISO 1600 50mm f/5.6 1/100 sec

Industrial Train Car

ISO 100 25mm f/9 1/60sec

Im writing this description a day late because yesterday was focused on my wonderful (now) 2 year old niece, who was having her candy land themed birthday party. Because of this my focus was on her and taking photos of her party so I didn’t take my usual photo walk. However that left plenty of opportunity to share another photo from Fridays findings. Often times when Im out running errands I like to force myself to explore the various routes of getting to where Im going. Theres something invigorating in exploring the different scenery available on the way to work, the market or anywhere else you may be going. And if time permits, Im not afraid to get lost and explore even more.

Thats exactly what happened on friday with this photo. I was out running an errand and turned down a wrong street. I realized my mistake shortly after but decided to venture on forward to see where this unfamiliar path would lead. I was excited to find these railroad cars down this road in an industrial parkway. I fell in love with the industrial yet clean feel and decided to shoot a few exposures for an HDR version of the scene. Read more…

Storm rolling in

ISO 100 34mm f/5.0

One of my favorite things about photography is High Dynamic Range imagery, often referred to as HDR. What this means is I take multiple exposures of the same photograph and combine them together to get much more vivid detail in the image.

Normally I would achieve this kind of image using a tripod, however I didn’t bring any gloves with me and was shooting for about 45 minutes in the freezing Michigan weather before this, so needless to say it was already difficult to move my fingers let alone unpack my tripod to get set up all over again. So instead I stayed inside the nice warm comfort of the car and just shot out the window bracing my camera against the front a-pillar to hold it steady. However in doing so I had to drop my aperture down in order to stay at ISO 100 and get a faster shutter speed, which f/5.0 isn’t ideal for this kind of shot. But being its more of a busy scene, some slight intentional lens blur isn’t exactly a bad thing. It gives it a bit of a softer feel which is popular among some HDR photographers.

This shot as I mentioned above was on my way home from another shooting of various landscapes in the area. Im a big sucker for industrial/farm equipment shots, so I had to pull off to the side of the road and fire off a few shots of this. Luckily I had left the previous location with the sun still dropping as it gave the sky such dimension, adding a very dramatic emotion to the silo’s.

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