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Break in the Rhythm

ISO200 75mm f/10 1/13sec

I have been so excited over the last few days!! The snow has melted and the temperature has risen enough to be a bit more comfortable running around outdoors wielding the camera. The mood is starting to change as everyone is eager to be outdoors to enjoy the break in weather. Read more…

Ladder Pattern

ISO1600 50mm f/11 1/4000sec

It feels so great to have the camera back in my hands!!! I’ve missed it over the last 4 days, and felt more alive today than I have in some time! At times if feels like being taken down hard by the seasonal flu can be a wonderful blessing, because when you enter back into the mindset of good health you start to look at things in a fresh perspective again. With that comes a renewed energy, and I my friends definitely have renewed energy. Read more…

Ready for Action

ISO 1600 50mm f/4 1/250sec

I really enjoyed coming across this shot! There was just so much to the scene that I absolutely loved! The worn yellow paint on the steps adding to the story of time that takes place within the frame. Of course I loved the crumbled loose bricks adding the extra level of grunge and a sort of mysteriousness as we are peaking around this corner, I am almost tempted to continue moving my body to see what more there is to offer around the rest of this wall. And of course the protagonist of the story the bold eagerly awaiting fire extinguisher.

Its as if the fire extinguisher is just peering out of the window ready for its chance to be the Hero. As red as the color of Supermans cape… or underwear (but thats just weird), this guardian is keeping watch over the streets of his town, awaiting for the day he will come to rescue and bare his mighty ability, to distinguish a tall flame with a single blow.

Im not sure when his day will come, but I feel more at ease knowing he is watching over the streets of Downtown. Thank you bold hero… Thank you.. .. .. *tear*.. *bow*… *curtain*.. Nailed it

Lady in Red

ISO100 21mm f/11 1/250sec


Hidden Wonders

ISO 400 131mm f/5 1/13sec

This has to be one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken to date, and most of that has to do with the nature of the subject in the photo. This of course is in downtown Grand Rapids, but would be nearly impossible to find unless you knew where to look. I was walking around taking pictures in the rougher more rundown part of town with not much traffic and only a few running buildings, the rest have been abandoned by businesses and adopted by the homeless. Its actually a rather beautiful area if you can appreciate the grunge that goes with it. As I was on my photo walk taking pictures of the broken windows and rusted railing I was walking past a courtyard opening that separated one half of this building to the other. On the other side of the courtyard there was a hill that peaked at the top of a garage that connected the two buildings. Of course me being curious I had to venture over to see what was over top this hill, I slowly approached the hill because again this is not exactly the best part of town to be trekking into unknown areas (which has been a reoccurring theme in my posts lately. I just like grungy pictures haha). I got to the top of this small hill and looked down upon two gorgeous grungy green doors, a garage bay door on the left building and a matching conventional door on the right building. I have no idea what a garage door was doing down here as there was no signs of any loading docks or paths for anything to get down to it, but either way it made for a very interesting discovery on my part. If that wasn’t good enough there was this weathered star bolted to the building to add the extra bit of interest.

The whole scene reminded me of the club houses my buddies and I used to put together back when we were kids. We would go hiking through some woods around our house until we found a spot we didn’t think anyone would ever find. We painted the trees and built tree forts over the creek that ran by, and we would always have a symbol for the fort, because whats a fort without a symbol to help it stand apart.

After getting my shots and spending a moment to take in the familiar feeling of the scene i bid this fort a farewell and ventured on to more experiences through the lens.

Old Dodge

ISO 200 29mm f/6.3 1/200 sec

This beautifully decayed and run down Dodge pickup is right down the street from my house. I spotted it just a few days ago and have been excited to shoot it. I love the looks of grungy run down vehicles, something about seeing something that was once worth a good deal of money, now sitting as a lawn ornament hardly worth 300 bucks for scrap. It reminds us that true value is not in our possessions but in the other beauties of life.

The farm decal on the side of the truck brings to my imagination that at one point this truck probably did its fair share of work on the farm. I picture the timeline of the truck from its fresh beginning as a beautiful blue chromed out pickup on the lot, through the dings and scratches of farm life, to the retired wore out heap of scrap metal that most all vehicles someday become. But, even though he may be run down, he still stands tall and welcomes guests at the gate as they approach the farm.

Journey into the unkown

ISO 500 4.5mm f/2.4 1/15sec

I ran across this walking tunnel on the outskirts of Downtown Grand Rapids by accident. I was actually looking for a good vantage point to get a clear shot of the city and surrounding traffic during the evening. I had driven up and down a half dozen streets leading to a hill along side the highway looking over downtown with no luck in finding a treeless open patch to set up. I was just about to call it a night when I decided to try one last dead end drive. I found this tunnel that runs under the highway and immediately jumped out to start taking some pics with my iphone. I didn’t feel like lugging my big dslr down to a tunnel unknown to me up to this point.

What I really loved about this quick shot is all the wonder I experienced while looking into this grungy walkway. I couldn’t help but to wonder what was on the other side, though not curious enough to venture through to find out (This is in a rougher part of town mind you, and they didn’t mark the street Dead End for no reason). I really think the iPhones imperfection in night time captures add’s an extra element to the rough grunge feel of the pic. The photo is as imperfect as my search for my original shot that evening, and for that it is perfect.

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