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Geared Up

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/100sec

Im super excited about how these turned out. Im normally apposed to shooting other artist work, unless I can just capture a small element in a unique way making it my own. Which I feel is what I was able to do here. I love the complete graphic nature of these scenes, with the beautiful gear and the harsh structured shadows. Truly a fantastic blend of subject and light. I have a feeling these will be on my office wall soon 🙂

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/125sec

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/125sec

Custom Beauty Part 2

ISO400 50mm f/5.6 1/250sec

This is a shoot I have been trying to coordinate for some time now. A good friend of mine is a fantastic musician and among his guitar collection he has this gorgeous one of a kind custom Les Paul. The staining on this guitar is so rich and full of life, I’ve never seen another guitar compare to the depth of color.

Not much I can say except enjoy the new pieces 🙂 Read more…

Flatware part 2

ISO100 50mm f/11 1/40sec

For todays photo journey, I decided to be a bit adventurous and explore uncharted territories, which really means driving around aimlessly looking for a scene to invoke some sort of excitement within. Its a bit of a gamble when racing the sunlight looking for a new scene in an area you are completely unfamiliar with. Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Michael Levin

When it comes to fine art, my taste resides in “the simpler the better”, with a few exceptions. Michael Levin’s portfolio is the definition of simplistic expression when it comes to black and white fine art! His ability to narrow in and capture a scenes most simple elements is a true inspiration.

His images are so well balanced you cant help but to enjoy the process of being drawn in. The composition is executed in such a brilliant way, that even with a photographic eye I immediately focus on the scene itself rather than scanning for the  building block of the image, which I think as photographic creatives we do to often. With a wide variety of subjects across his portfolio, its truly a joy strolling through each photo. Read more…


ISO100 109mm f/16 1/8sec

I won’t lie, the recent snow fall has me a bit bummed, let alone chilly. I had gotten so used to the warmer weather that I about forgot it was still winter. With the flop of temperature I’ve been somewhat longing for summer time to arrive and have been gazing over to my summer wear the last few days in hopes it would warm things up a bit. So to somewhat express my mood I decided to shoot some of my summer shades to add to my simplistic approach on fine art. Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Chema Madoz

So unfortunately the Guest Writer portion for this week kind of fell through. However I have excellent guests lined up for the next couple weeks and they have all confirmed their posts will be ready 🙂 So in place of the Guest blog section I thought I would share with you guys another one of my inspirations when it comes to master photographers. This is one who most probably haven’t heard of, yet he has such astonishing work that continues to inspire me each time I browse through his brilliant portfolio.

His name is Chema Madoz, and he is a Spanish Photographer now in his mid 60’s. He does surrealist fine art photos with old cameras like the Hasselblad. His work absolutely blows me away with the level of creativeness and ingenious sarcasm and humor he implies as he sets out to prove that not everything is what it seems to be. Every single photo he has shares a significant story, which draws you in until you realize you’ve been starring at the same image for the last 45 minutes. His images bring to mind the mystery and enjoyment of an old vaudeville act, where only on this stage would you see something so absurd yet so beautiful. His work brings together elements of elegance, mystery, magic and humor to make some of the most outstanding and interesting fine art Ive ever came across. He focuses on simplicity, and often times leaves me with the inevitable thought of “why didn’t I think of that”. Read more…

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