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Spring time fun

ISO1600 21mm f/8 1/85sec

“Downtown Buggy”

Who’s ready for yet another mini series??? THIS GUY!

If you haven’t figured it out from the automotive posts I’ve made in the past, Im a pretty big car guy. I grew up under the hood and have, in my 24+ years, owned over 16 different vehicles. A few were just daily commuters, while a good hand full of the rest were various japanese sports cars. My buddies and I used to spend the weekends tearing parts off our cars, just for contagious pleasure of having to put them back on. We would drive all over, just to drive, and on “Occasion” we may or may not have raced around town… Anyway, one of the biggest things I look forward to with the change in weather is the gatherings and sightings of gorgeous vehicles. The sleek shine of freshly waxed custom paint jobs, the whining roars of blower induced motors, the sweat smell of 110 octane passing through the air as the ground rumbles beneath your feet with the passing of seemingly steroid induced american muscle cars. Its a beautiful thing to say the least, yet in Michigan we are forced to go through our automotive withdraws, as the fall and winter put a damper on the testosterone inducing vehicular fun.  Read more…

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