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Beauty in Destruction

ISO 1600 50mm f/5 1/640 sec

Im sitting at my desk consumed by the work at hand, when suddenly I jump as the high pitched alarm starts buzzing from my phone… “Its time” I think to my self as a warm smile starts to devour my face. I start to make my rounds in gathering all the bits I will need to venture into my days exploration. I double check batteries, cards, and the choice of lenses for the day, and Im off… only to hit the front door before I turn back realizing I’ve left my phone. I make the trip downtown with eyes wide open scanning every which way to make sure I don’t miss any opportunities. I force myself to take a different path then usual to add new surroundings to todays adventure. Coming into the heart of downtown I find a meter and do my best to parallel park between the outrageously close vehicles both in front and behind. As I exit the car I immediately arm myself with my bag to my left and camera to my right. I double check to make sure my settings are proper as to not miss “The” shot, and take the beginning steps of the days city travels. Read more…

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