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Bus Stop

ISO 100 41mm f/11 1/80sec

With the fresh snow on the ground from last nights dusting I went for a fun and frigid photo walk around the block this morning. It was actually a very fun walk as I passed by my neighbors who were happy to see me because it meant they could take a break from shoveling for a moment, catch their breathe and send a warm hello and wave my way. As i made it around the backside of the block and was heading my way back home I was stopped by a van full of elderly Jehovah’s witnesses and a driver that closely resembled Morphius from the Matrix. I actually didn’t realize they were Jehovah’s witnesses until after our conversation when I looked at the literature they insisted I take. I did however manage to talk the driver into letting me take his picture 🙂

At the corner rounding back towards my house theres this little bus stop bench, and I’ve been wanting to get a good shot of it for some time now. I’ve taken a few pictures of it before but the dirt and grass from the ground draw away from the bench to much, so I was very pleased with the way the snow helped in setting the bench and overhanging tree apart from the rest of the scenery.

I dont know if this is actually used by children, being the school is literally 2 blocks away, but I wish I had this at my bus stop as a kid. We used to stand on a sloped driveway in the snow, slowly sliding down towards the street hoping not to fall on our asses in front of our friends when the bus got there.

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