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Geared Up

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/100sec

Im super excited about how these turned out. Im normally apposed to shooting other artist work, unless I can just capture a small element in a unique way making it my own. Which I feel is what I was able to do here. I love the complete graphic nature of these scenes, with the beautiful gear and the harsh structured shadows. Truly a fantastic blend of subject and light. I have a feeling these will be on my office wall soon 🙂

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/125sec

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/125sec

Mystery of the Sandals

ISO800 50mm f/6.3 1/60sec

Its been a while since I’ve posted a black and white street shot, as most of my attention lately has been on certain color palettes. Well I finally came across a shot where I thought a black and white would do it most justice and here it is.

I had originally intended to post some film shots I had taken within the last week, however for whatever reason they didn’t copy to my computer properly and I sent the cd with the originals on it off with my friend who I have been letting use my old AE-1 in our recent shots. So until the return of the cd and pics… Read more…

Graphic Shadows

ISO400 50mm f/5.6 1/1000sec

Again its time to play a bit of catch up with daily exposures. Lately I’ve had a sudden rise of work come through the study, which is always a great thing to have happen, unless your trying to keep up on a daily photo blog haha.

Being in graphic design I cant help but to love interestingly graphic scenes like this. I find it interesting how most the shadows through out have a mildly soft edge yet the main element projects a very crisp clean round shadow. I walk by this building just about every time I am downtown, and have acquired a good number of photos over the months in various weather conditions. Its one of those scenes thats simple yet appealing to me and my design focused mind. Read more…

Street Statements

ISO 1600 50mm f/5.6 1/250sec

Walking around downtown I come across a few homeless “shelters” tucked into cubbies on the side of abandoned buildings and into alley ways. But none are as well equipped as this one. If there was such thing as homeless elegance, Im sure this would be one of the defining situations. This adopted area was fully equipped with sleeping bag, mini book shelf with tattered books, a blender (despite having no plug-in) and a few signs with various messages. Unfortunately most of the scene was lost into the deep shadows cast by the partial cover of the wall to the left.

I find scenes like this extremely interesting, and instantly find myself in a state of gratitude. I couldn’t imagine living in a situation like this, and cant fathom the situations it would take to get to that point. But at the same time find it interesting in all the things that the homeless can find interest in themselves. It often leads me to asking genuine questions as to why they may do something, like what is their purpose with these signs? Why are they so pro credit unions? What happened to the extra 1%? Are they apposed to that single percentile? Are they only 99% for credit unions? Random questions continued to pop into my head while originally observing the scene. It was actually almost like a fun game to browse from a distance (Im not into invading anyones home with out asking) and find things of intriguing values. Is it all just a collection of worthless “junk”, or does this stuff hold a certain value to its rent-free owner?

Be grateful my friends, for when times get cold we have sweaters to wear, thermostats to regulate. We are contained in the comfort of our homes, shielded from the elements. We have cars to take us to our next exciting adventure, and friends and family to bring the adventure to us when we get lonely. Don’t take life for granted! Live life to its fullest, but don’t forget to love the life you were blessed with!

Beautiful Simplicity

ISO 200 55mm f/7.1 1/60sec

Our crazy weather is back on to melting the snow once more, and its actually quit interesting that with everything covered in a white blanket the last week, the absence of snow has re-heightened my vision of interest around me. As if I had a brief vacation from the normal world and was returning to experience it once again. Adding highlights to the scenes around us the gentle lines of remaining snow reminds us not to forget what season we are in. These quick shifts in weather provide opening for gratitude and appreciation of what we encounter on a day to day basis, whether it be a beautiful winter wonder scene or the often overlooked “works of art” that lies in everyday places the contrasting elements add more dimension to our lives.

Among other things, Im a sucker for simplicity, geometric shapes and architecture and when they come together I get really really excited! I absolutely love everything in this scene! I love the two brief highlights of snow, the simple rectangles, triangles and the circle especially. On top of that the cropping of the scene leaves the sky in the same diagonally cut rectangle shape as the different cinder blocks that make up the top portion of the wall. The texture of the cement helps break it free from the overcast sky, and the inside roofing of the building just about looks like it doesn’t belong. In my mind I picture a parallel world through the hole and cant help but to want to peak through. And of course I love the blue within the ring of the circle, probably one of my all time fav shades of blue. Its such a simple scene yet it holds so much detail and  has quit the story to tell. At least thats my thought 😉

Deep in Thought

ISO 1600 50mm f/2.0 1/8sec

Tonight I decided to play around with this Canon EF 50mm 1.8 prime lens Im borrowing, and so far I find it a bit quirky. I think it may be just this lens, because I’ve heard some excellent reviews and heard of some amazing results, but every time I try shooting with it, it is extremely inconsistent (which was the same complaint the owner of the lens had as well). The exposure levels are all over the board, I could be shooting the exact same scene, same settings and all and it will be a stop or more under-exposed versus the last shot. Its almost like its self bracketing. So far I would almost just assume shoot with my 18-55 and not have to deal with the hassel. But then again all of this could just be my lack of experience with it, and I do plan on taking it out more to see if I can get it figured out. Its a good lens and it has its purpose, and I do love the fact that it makes you think about your shots more, but sometimes I just think this particular one is a bit quirky haha.

Read more…

Domino wall

ISO 500 4.28mm f/2.4 1/15sec

Lately I’ve been trying to retrain myself to shoot more with my iphone when I don’t have my Canon with me (which is actually a funny sentence to read if you didn’t know I was talking about photography haha). I’ve grown so accustom to my big bad dslr that I tend to forget that the iPhone packs a mean camera as well. My goal is to get to the point that Im shoot literally thousands of pictures a day. They say you have to have around 10,000 hours  into something before you can truly master it. Well its going to be some time before I hit that, but getting in thousands of shots a day will get me there faster.

Theres something about finding amazement in so many things through out the day that… well amazes me. Like I’ve said in recent exposures, I love finding beauty and interest in things that people often take for granted and pass by every single day. I love connecting stories with a scene, even if the story seems so disconnected at first. As a creative I love letting my imagination run free throughout the day.

As the title of the photo suggests, when I looked at this wall I immediately seen the domino, the great chinese game that my loving Grandma would try to teach me time and time again. But of course being the hyperactive kid that I was, I would instead turn the dining room table into a striped maze of 2in x 1in white and black blocks that would wake anyone trying to get an afternoon nap in when they finally came crashing down, launching a good handful of them off the table. I was half tempted to give the wall a good shove to see if it would budge taking anything in its path out as it would flip down the stairs behind it. I wonder if the designer of this structure had similar childhood memories in mind when he created this wall?

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