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ISO 100 51mm f/5.6 1/4sec

It’s posted in my bio, but Im sure most people still don’t know that I was an amateur magician a couple years back. I consider magic to be a piece of art, a well thought out example of creative expression. Still to this day I love the feel of a crisp just opened deck of casino quality playing cards gently gripped between the fingers. I love the sound of playing cards as their shuffled, riffled, dribbled and sprung and would find enjoyment in just playing with the 52 pasteboards all day long. I myself have close to 30 decks of playing cards in various colors, shapes and sizes, many of which are special limited edition decks that I rarely play with in fear of destroying them. Its kind of like my mini gallery of fine art playing cards haha. Theres literally random cards stuck to my ceiling, which makes for a great conversation starter for those who I have over to the studio. I know the stories behind the cards, and over the years have acquired many stories of my own. Read more…

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