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Creative Innocence

A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with a close friend when the topic of personal creative expression came up. My friend, like many others, had found them self in a bit of a creative rut. A paralyzed state that most creatives, if not all, come across time and time again. I myself have found this to be a repeated pattern throughout my life. I would consider my self to have been a creative from birth in a wide variety of expressive forms. The moment I was allowed to have crayons in hand I was creating personal masterpieces on any “canvas” I could find, many surfaces of which were not to my parents liking. This continued in various forms until around the age of 12 or 13, when I made a mental shift.

It was at this age I started sharing my artwork with class mates and friends. I suddenly had a new status of popularity, with requests coming in for a drawing of this or a sketch that. At first I loved the attention my art was getting, as I had only ever received praise from my parents for my creative endeavors. My amusement quickly perished as requests continued to come in, feeling as if I now had a duty to impress and please my new fan base. It was at this point I became paralyzed within my own craft… I lost my passion and wasn’t finding it anytime soon. In fact it wasn’t for another 3+ years that I picked up sketching and designing again, in which the process seemed to start all over again. Read more…

Im back!!

I apologize for my absence over the last few days. I had been battling a monster of a flu and spent a majority of the weekend in bed. Thanks to all those who sent emails wishing me a speedy recovery!!! I am excited to say I am back to health and have never been more excited about the upcoming adventures I have in store for the blog. To give you a brief update of what I will be working on already this week for you guys Ill let you in on a few emails I sent out today and have many more like them going out later this week as well.

In an attempt to reignite the Guest post section of the blog I’ve been reaching out to some big names of behind the scenes individuals in the photography/creative communities! Im reaching out to managers, coordinators and friends of some extremely inspiring creatives in hopes of having them share their creativity and inspiration with the coolest audience around (Thats you!!!! 🙂 Now i cant guarantee yes’s from each creative I reach out to, however I can tell you I’ve already received some exciting responses and will continue to reach out until I can get a steady flow of inspiration and knowledge moving through the blog to add some extra value to your personal creative endeavors.

On top of that I have an overwhelming stack of books I will be reading and reviewing for you guys as well as continuing my regular photographic inspiration series introducing or reminding you of some of the industries most creative minds!!

The year is still young yet we have a ton of excitement planned going into the next few months!! Im excited to have you all aboard and as always am open to your requests and suggestions of what you would like to see from Nick Exposed! Together we can make this a leading source of inspiration for the photog and creative community 🙂

Live Life :: Love Life
~Nick Mayo

Facebook Contest Giveaway!!

Hello fellow creatives, I wanted to make a quick post to wet the taste buds so to speak on the upcoming Nick Exposed Facebook Contest Giveaway that will be going live this weekend!

In order to be Eligible to participate in this awesome exceptionally fun and exciting Contest you will have to be a fan of the Nick Exposed Page.

I can assure you you will be pleased with the prize(s). But heres the bonus, the more people that follow Nick Exposed by this weekend, the more opportunities there will be to win. So be sure to share with your creative friend, colleagues and followers!

Leave any questions below, but after that head over to the Facebook page and hit like so your not missing out on your chance to win!!

Guest Post: Betsy Crouch

Have you ever thought of your “unique set of gifts, talents, and perspective,” as “creativity?”

You are creativity.  You are a magical and unique expression.

Creative expression is “life blood,” and fuels all areas of our lives.  However, our deep cultural belief in practicality squeezes creative expression out of our lives.

Creating space in your life to express your unique set of gifts, talents, and perspective, could be the most practical choice you ever make.

Creatively expressing myself has lead to a deep sense of well-being which has positively effected every aspect of my life.

Growing up I loved music, drawing, dancing and singing.  As a child I never pursued any of these things much beyond required classes and some years of private cello lessons.  I also loved sports, and I spent many hours playing and practicing, plus I was “good at sports.”  When I went to college, I really wanted to take art classes and I never registered for a class because it wasn’t “practical.”  I took an adult education drawing class two years out of college and since then I have taken classes on or created space for:  stand up comedy, improv, improvisational singing, drawing, portraits/self-portraits, photography, and writing.

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