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No Meta Data (ASA 400 50mm)

“Deadly Stare”

As most of you know, I purchased an old Canon AE-1 a few weeks ago, only to find that it leaked light worse than the faucet at my place back in Virginia… and trust me that damn faucet leaked water like it was going out of style. Last week I took the time to go through and replace all the seals, and have been shooting a few scenes here and there with it anticipating the outcome. Well, today I finished off the role, got it developed and as the title of the post suggests the repair was a success!! Read more…

Welcome to the Family

ISO100 50mm f/11 1/15sec

Like I’ve mentioned in recent posts I have been more and more intrigued by the film medium (Although I shoot mainly digital, which most likely will not change), and have been shooting with my Minolta SRT 202 off and on. Yesterday even, I announcement on facebook┬ámy new minolta 55mm 1.7 lens I picked up for cheap. Well, last week I won an online auction for an iconic Canon AE-1 with a 50mm 1.8 lens included. I was excited to see it arrive in the mail today and immediately loaded er’ up with film and set out to shoot downtown with my new… old… camera. I had both my DSLR and new AE-1 by my side, but with my excitement for my new toy, I was shooting more with the AE-1 throughout the day. In doing so my “good pictures” were captured onto the film rather than my card, which caused a bit of a problem when I found out the local 1-hour photo was out of service for the next few days with the others in town already closed for the day, which makes getting my daily photo out a wee bit difficult to say the least. Read more…

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