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Striped Logs

ISO200 55mm f/5.6 1/60sec

Looking through my previous Daily Exposures, it wouldn’t appear that I am much of an outdoorsy person. However that is far from the truth, I absolutely love exploring the great outdoors. I grew up running through the woods of my Grandparents back yard, making make shift forts out of fallen trees (They lived on a lake too so when the trunks of the trees would get pulled out of the ground they would create this little creeks of water making a sort of mote around my fort 🙂 ). Read more…

Golden Highlights

ISO200 214mm f/5.6 1/640sec

I love breaking the rhythm and exploring new places or revisiting places I haven’t been in years. Today, I did just that, exploring a bike path I used to travel each day on the way to work some 4 years ago. It wasn’t the original location of choice however it led to a wonderful day of shooting.. as well as some great exercise 🙂 . As my good friend Hogan and I set out for the evenings photo walk the sun was still pretty harsh in the sky and most of our initial exploring was taking beaten paths off the main trail, to see what kind of idiotic danger we could get ourselves into. Luckily the only danger we came across was the random horse droppings, that if it weren’t our awesome Ninja like awareness and reflexes, would have resulted in what Im sure would be a far more interesting… yet disgusting story. Read more…

Ol’ White Lightning

ISO200 250mm f/5.6 1/250sec

Hungry Birds

ISO 200 250mm f/6.3 1/80sec

Wow! Thanks for all the get well wishes guys!! Unfortunately over the weekend I was progressively getting sicker and sicker, and still have a bit to go before Im back up to par. However this morning I do have a decent amount of energy and am ready to fight back against this cold or whatever it is.

Yesterday I took a day trip out to visit with my grandma, and while I was out there I took the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in her backyard. She always has different feeders in her backyard and every time we visit were sure to see some sort of wildlife out back. With the winter, her backyard isn’t as buzzing as it typically is in the summer, but I was delighted to see a few active critters scurrying and flappin about.

Most the animals were spooked by the sound of my shutter, but not these guys. They stood there ground and held their heads high as they perched up top the feeder. Actually I think they mistook my shutter for the chirps of another bird haha. With every new frame they called back with a single quick chirp in hopes for another response. I would hold off for a second and they would go back to their loose attention, but once I started shooting again they continued to try and communicate with, what they must have thought was a foreigner. Maybe a vacationing bird from over seas? It makes me wonder if birds can understand the chirps of another kind. Is it all one chirping language with various dialects, or a vast array of different feathered languages?

Birds of a feather

ISO 400 220mm f/5.6 1/500sec

I love the beauty in simple. And this to me definitely has this beauty. About 6 or 7 feet to the left was a group of birds all standing by one another, at least 15 or so occupying all 3 lines. Yet these three are off on their own separated from the pack. Did they leave the pack or did the pack leave them? The bottom bird looks in the opposite direction even, as if to good to give attention to the rest. Or is it shame?

Like I said I love the simplicity of this shot, with a tad of interest with the bottom bird breaking up the rhythm a bit by looking off to the side.

Long ways from home

ISO 100 116mm f/5.6 1/80sec

This was actually an idea that my girlfriend came up with last night that I really liked. I recently moved to Michigan from living on the beach in Virginia Beach area, and I have boxes of beach decorations that I had in my apartment out there including various shells and starfish. I thought the  starfish out of context would be rather interesting concept, as if he were on vacation.

This was shot right in my driveway with the starfish on the snow covered rear window of my brothers car. It worked out perfectly that the setting sun was falling right in between my neighbors pine trees giving the warm attractive bokeh lighting effect in the background.

In the end it turned out to be a beautiful mending of my two worlds. One part Beach Boy, other part Michigander.

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