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Calling all Chicago Photogs

I’m on my way out to good ol’ Chicago right now and will be shooting around downtown for most the day. If your a Chi Town based Photog I would love to meet you and have you along for today’s adventure. Shoot me a message and we will figure something out.

The Treasure Folder


As creatives we often find ourselves reaching out in hopes of finding this wonderful word. Personally I love surrounding myself with as much inspiration as possible for every aspect of life. Above my desk I have a bulletin board and a white board filled with all sorts of inspiring pictures, quotes, articles and other randomness to remind myself to keep moving forward.

Just this week one of my absolute best friends, an EXTRAORDINARY photographer/artist/creative, and I shared our inspiration folders with each other. As she pointed out, it was like getting to look into each others minds and see the bits that make our creative section tic. I realized what we are inspired by says a lot about our direction in which we are heading both creatively and in general with the other inspirations we acquire. However, at the same time we often miss the many treasures that are within these powerful inspirations.

If your anything like I have been in the past, and have acquired a folder full of inspiring pictures (over 6,000 in my inspiration folders right now), it either just sits there collecting virtual dust or you look through it from time to time and get a stagnate inspiration more often than not, where your inspired but have no clue where to start to put any of it into action. Often at most we get an idea of a subject to shoot or create, yet our folders hold so much more than just these simple ideas. Read more…

The Facebook Page Just Launched!

Due to the rapid growth of fans here at Nick Exposed, I thought it would be a good idea to create an additional medium where I can continue to serve creative inspiration in between blog posts. There’s been so many times where I’ve wanted to share a sudden burst of inspiration but thought it wouldn’t suit for having its own blog post, so this is where I will be doing so. I will be sharing behind the scenes pics, more photographers that are inspiring me at the moment, interviews and vids that are inspiring me and all the other creative goodness that comes to mind as well.

However my goal with this page is to create an environment for creative growth! A playground with followers sharing their inspiration and expression as well! So be sure to chime in when you have an idea on a certain topic or idea!!

Enough chit chatting about it, head over and join in on all the fun! Lets see how fast we can grow this thing 🙂

P.S. Be sure to share with you other photog and creatives on facebook, I love hearing whats inspiring creatives all over the globe!

Nick Exposed on Facebook!

LightBox Tutorial

Upon popular demand I took some time today to put together the LightBox tutorial I’ve been promising for a couple weeks now. I have been using my lightbox for various different projects over the last month and have found it extremely useful for getting creative macro and product shots. This is the same Box I used to create a number of my previous Daily Exposures, which we will discuss in a second. When building mine I tried to keep flexibility in mind to prevent from limiting myself in the future, and Ill explain all of this in the tut.

So what is a LightBox, Light Tent, Macro Tent? Ive heard it called many different things but they all do the same thing, creating a seamless back drop with diffused lighting to create beautiful product and macro photography. Its much like the product over at which can range anywhere from 50 bucks on up to even a couple hundred for some of the top name products. The beautiful thing about making your own is you probably have most the materials laying around at home. Even if you had to purchase everything it wouldn’t cost you much more than $15 which includes the lighting.

So as they say… “Lets make a LightBox!”… what thats not a saying.. well it should be! Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Jay Maisel

I wanted to share some interviews to follow up with my recent comments on Jay Maisel, who I would consider has had the biggest impact on my street and city photgraphy. Jay has a phenomenal view on the world, and though he talks like a true New Yorker he has many many years of wisdom to offer. Jays work is timeless and his words carry the same if not more weight than his perfectly captured photographs. Even though each of these interviews are only a few short minutes long, I can guarantee you will walk away a better photographer with tid bits to implement into your own creative workflow. I cant wait to hear you guys’ thoughts. Jay continues to inspire me and my work, and Im sure he will do the same for yours.

Jay Maisel – Photographer

Conversations at the Summit with Jay Maisel

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