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Custom Beauty Part 2

ISO400 50mm f/5.6 1/250sec

This is a shoot I have been trying to coordinate for some time now. A good friend of mine is a fantastic musician and among his guitar collection he has this gorgeous one of a kind custom Les Paul. The staining on this guitar is so rich and full of life, I’ve never seen another guitar compare to the depth of color.

Not much I can say except enjoy the new pieces 🙂 Read more…

Custom Beauty Part 1

ISO100 50mm f/8.0 1/250sec

Heres a bit of a sneak peak at the fun I had shooting tonight! Came home with a few exciting images of this beautiful instrument, however its way past my bed time and I cant finish the editing so I leave you with a teaser image haha.

Flatware part 2

ISO100 50mm f/11 1/40sec

For todays photo journey, I decided to be a bit adventurous and explore uncharted territories, which really means driving around aimlessly looking for a scene to invoke some sort of excitement within. Its a bit of a gamble when racing the sunlight looking for a new scene in an area you are completely unfamiliar with. Read more…

Demolished Penny

ISO100 24mm f/7.1 1/8sec

Nothing says Cutco like a cut penny!


ISO 100 51mm f/5.6 1/4sec

It’s posted in my bio, but Im sure most people still don’t know that I was an amateur magician a couple years back. I consider magic to be a piece of art, a well thought out example of creative expression. Still to this day I love the feel of a crisp just opened deck of casino quality playing cards gently gripped between the fingers. I love the sound of playing cards as their shuffled, riffled, dribbled and sprung and would find enjoyment in just playing with the 52 pasteboards all day long. I myself have close to 30 decks of playing cards in various colors, shapes and sizes, many of which are special limited edition decks that I rarely play with in fear of destroying them. Its kind of like my mini gallery of fine art playing cards haha. Theres literally random cards stuck to my ceiling, which makes for a great conversation starter for those who I have over to the studio. I know the stories behind the cards, and over the years have acquired many stories of my own. Read more…


ISO100 34mm f/22 1/8/sec

This is an idea thats been sitting in my head for some time now. I gained my inspiration from a talk I used to give my Reps back in my District Management days. In talking about how some things only hold value to people if presented in a certain package, and how most products can only depreciate in value over extended amounts of time. To prove my point I would hold up a bottle of top name water and ask “who would pay 3 dollars for this bottle of water”, and at least half the hands would go up. I would then hold up a styrofoam cup full of water and ask again “who would pay 3 dollars for this cup of water”, and not only did no hands go up, but the room would start to fill with subtle chuckles as the reps started to think their manager was going crazy. I would then take another styrofoam cup and ask “How many of you realized all I did was this…” as I poured the water from the bottle into the cup. It was at this point that they realized they were paying for the bottle rather than the water.  Read more…

LightBox Tutorial

Upon popular demand I took some time today to put together the LightBox tutorial I’ve been promising for a couple weeks now. I have been using my lightbox for various different projects over the last month and have found it extremely useful for getting creative macro and product shots. This is the same Box I used to create a number of my previous Daily Exposures, which we will discuss in a second. When building mine I tried to keep flexibility in mind to prevent from limiting myself in the future, and Ill explain all of this in the tut.

So what is a LightBox, Light Tent, Macro Tent? Ive heard it called many different things but they all do the same thing, creating a seamless back drop with diffused lighting to create beautiful product and macro photography. Its much like the product over at which can range anywhere from 50 bucks on up to even a couple hundred for some of the top name products. The beautiful thing about making your own is you probably have most the materials laying around at home. Even if you had to purchase everything it wouldn’t cost you much more than $15 which includes the lighting.

So as they say… “Lets make a LightBox!”… what thats not a saying.. well it should be! Read more…

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