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TEN by David duChemin : Review

Recently I went and got the entire Craft & Vision e-book series, 40+ books, in order to bring you guys reviews on affordable learning material (their books sell for just 5 bucks a piece! I know.. hard to believe in such a costly hobby/profession). If you have been following the blog in the past you know that I am a big fan of David duChemin and gave away one of his hard copy books (Photographically Speaking), signed by David himself, as the last contest prize! When I heard of his involvement in C&V, and seen the massive amounts of awesome e-books he had released through them I jumped on the chance to build my digital reading collection!

Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Joe McNally

Im pretty confident that a decent hand full of you will know of this Outstanding photographer. However I continuously run into conversations with other photogs where Joe’s name gets brought up and I get the equivalent of a blank stare back across our cyber conversation.

Joe McNally has been in the game with over 30 years under his batman-esque belt. Working for big name companies like Nikon, TIME, Fortune, New York Times, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, an extraordinary 23 years with National Geographic, and a list that continues miles down the road. To say Joe know’s his stuff would be grossly understated! When you peruse through Joe’s work its undeniably obvious he is an absolute master of lighting and color, and truly wrote the book on using Small Flashes like the Nikon Speedlight series. With an outstanding personality that matches his extraordinary skill, its no wonder he’s one of the top trainers on sites like .

Joe is also known for his work on raising money (2 million dollars to be exactish) for the relief effort after the tragic happenings of 9/11. He headed up a project called Faces of Ground Zero, using the world’s ONLY LIFE-SIZE Polaroid camera (Literally the size of a 2 stall garage). The project is considered by many to be one of the most important and influential art endeavors to evolve from the 9/11 tragedy.

Joe’s Blog is one I frequent often to get my fix of pure inspiration. At times it’s difficult to not want to set your camera down and call it quits in fear you would never reach his level of talent, knowledge and sheer Bad Assnessness…ness (Thats right I said it). But to paraphrase Joe’s Humble words, 30 years in the trenches will lead to similar awesomeness. So yea.. we’ve got that to look forward too. In the mean time take a cautious look at his work. I say proceed with extreme caution as there is a good chance your mind will either melt or explode… hey Im just sayin, Im looking out for your safety! Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: David duChemin

About 2 weeks ago I came across a fantastic book titled “Photographically Speaking”, and it has played a huge part in changing the way I look at my photos and the way I think about my framing when approaching a scene. The author of the book is the extraordinary photographer David duChemin, and when I continued to search through his work and writings it was like a never ending fountain of knowledge and inspiration. He approaches his photos with such a strong personal vision and seems to have such a distinct reason for each element in his scenes. With his teachings he focuses heavily on photographic vision and the story telling aspect of the art, so its no wonder that his photos contain such stories with depth and dimension. Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Michael Levin

When it comes to fine art, my taste resides in “the simpler the better”, with a few exceptions. Michael Levin’s portfolio is the definition of simplistic expression when it comes to black and white fine art! His ability to narrow in and capture a scenes most simple elements is a true inspiration.

His images are so well balanced you cant help but to enjoy the process of being drawn in. The composition is executed in such a brilliant way, that even with a photographic eye I immediately focus on the scene itself rather than scanning for the  building block of the image, which I think as photographic creatives we do to often. With a wide variety of subjects across his portfolio, its truly a joy strolling through each photo. Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Rodney Smith

If your on the Nick Exposed Facebook page at all you’ve probably seen the awesome interviews I posted of wonderful photographer and teacher Chris Orwig! If you haven’t seen them head over to the Facebook page right now and check them out! (Hit the like button while your there to be in on the excitement next time) Back to the main topic.. In those interviews Chris discusses his inspiration from photographer Rodney Smith. So naturally I went on a search for his work in hopes of finding my own inspiration, and man did I find it. I would have to say Rodney is a Master when it comes to story telling with his images! His photography speaks the words of a brilliant poet and has the imagery of a chart rocking cinema. His scenes draw me in and encapsulate my imagination bringing me back to my boyish beginnings as I try to make sense of it all, asking question after question.

Its been interesting lately, as I have been more and more inspired by the work of those who only use film. Theres a bit of unspoken truth and boldness in those who stick to the origins and create stunning pieces such as Rodney’s. It proves its not in the equipment, but in the hand and eye of the photographer. Rodney as a person seems to be a very truthfully spoken individual as well, which may be why he relates with film so well. In reading through his blog a bit, he’ not afraid to speak what is on his mind. At the same time seems to know the power of his words and how to use them to better both himself and those around him, which I also feel shines through in his work. There seems to be a wonderful consistency between the photographer and his work. Jay Maisel often says “In order to take more interesting pictures, you must become a more interesting person”, and Rodney is definitely an interesting person. He has a wonderful sense of style and cleanliness in his personal life resulting in wonderfully clean photos that have a style of their own. Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: Chema Madoz

So unfortunately the Guest Writer portion for this week kind of fell through. However I have excellent guests lined up for the next couple weeks and they have all confirmed their posts will be ready 🙂 So in place of the Guest blog section I thought I would share with you guys another one of my inspirations when it comes to master photographers. This is one who most probably haven’t heard of, yet he has such astonishing work that continues to inspire me each time I browse through his brilliant portfolio.

His name is Chema Madoz, and he is a Spanish Photographer now in his mid 60’s. He does surrealist fine art photos with old cameras like the Hasselblad. His work absolutely blows me away with the level of creativeness and ingenious sarcasm and humor he implies as he sets out to prove that not everything is what it seems to be. Every single photo he has shares a significant story, which draws you in until you realize you’ve been starring at the same image for the last 45 minutes. His images bring to mind the mystery and enjoyment of an old vaudeville act, where only on this stage would you see something so absurd yet so beautiful. His work brings together elements of elegance, mystery, magic and humor to make some of the most outstanding and interesting fine art Ive ever came across. He focuses on simplicity, and often times leaves me with the inevitable thought of “why didn’t I think of that”. Read more…

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