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3 of a Kind

ISO64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/60sec

So, I often get asked… ” Hey! Mr. Photo Man I bet you have a lot of photo taker apps on your touchy telephone don’t you?.. DONT YOU?!?” (I guess I have a lot of conversations with enraged drunks). So I thought I would break down the 4 photog apps that I currently have and use on my iphone, only 2 of which are actual photo editing apps, and you can do with it as you like. So here it is… I now bring you:

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Interest Above

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/20sec

I love when things make me stop and think “Thats interesting”! For whatever reason this was one of those things. I happened to look up at the store we were at and this made me pause and gander for a few moments. The crazy thing was I looked at it as if it were black and white already. I find that the more I develop my photog eye the more I seem to separate scenes in my head. I will not only see in color but strip the color away and leave its bare essentials all in my mind before even taking the camera out. Its exciting! Already this year I can feel my photography improving and were just now nearing the end of the first month.

I love this scene, simple yet complex! Its quit busy, yet everything seems to have its place. The lines are simple with various angles, parallel and perpendicular threads of interesting cables and soft circular curves. I cant help but scan the whole scene to see what little bits of fascination I can absorb.

Blue Windows

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/620sec

Can you believe this picture is from Michigan in the middle of the winter!?! The snow is starting to melt away, although the forecast shows a few more winter wonder days right around the corner! However with the melting snow, it allows me to switch gears from the cold weathered photos Ive posted the last few days, and add some warmth to the blog with this vibrant summer-ish photo taken again with my iPhone today at a little breakfast restaurant called “The Omelet Shop”. My girlfriend and I were searching around for an open bank not realizing with MLK day, all the banks were closed. So pulling out of the deserted Chase parking lot, bummed that our mission of check cashing was foiled and would have to be postponed til tomorrow, we decided to cheer ourselves up at this restaurant across the street. I had never eaten here, but the exterior was so enticing, and as they say you should always judge an omelet shop by its cover.

This photo brings me back to my recent days of living on the beach in Virginia! In fact my neighbors building was painted almost an identical color scheme, with the addition of some orange and green. I can imagine walking by the blue window sills of the building with sandals and a loose fit tee that I threw on just after an intense game of ultimate frisbee on the beach. There was a 7-11 across the street that we frequented often, and if it weren’t for the no shirt no shoes no service sign, we would have spent all summer in our swim trunks and shorts. I would say Im still a beach boy, just in a Michigander disguise, which works well with the counter part of a Michigan omelet shop in a beach shack disguise.

Cross the line?

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/250sec

It’s funny, my feelings about posting this image are inline with the image itself. There seems to be a big wave of people posting pictures of their feet on flickr and other image posting sources and I did not want to fall into that category, because Im sure the last thing people want to see is a photo of my feet. However I do love this photo and the idea of the “lines” we cross on a daily basis. So I found myself asking do I “cross the line” into an area I was planning on avoiding and post the picture or toss it over into the recycle bin. Well I decided to be adventurous and post it anyways.

I had actually forgotten I had taken this picture. Like I posted the other day I’ve been trying to get more in the habit of shooting with my iPhone throughout the day. I was on my way into the grocery store and a moment of inspiration hit me, as it often does throughout the day. Which have you ever realized how abusive inspiration really is, it just hits you when you least expect it, no warning at all. sheesh. Anyways, Im looking down at the pavement thats covered with the remnants of melted snow that has been recently plowed away and Im walking over these cool yellow lines. I keep saying to myself “don’t you cross that line”.. step.. “oh yeah, better not cross this one”.. step.. while at the same time constantly looking up to make sure I wasn’t pulling a bugs bunny move on myself making me step off a cliff or something haha. Then it hit me, this is one of those times I should be shooting with the phone. At this point Im standing in traffic, and now Im looking down taking pictures of my feet and the line to be crossed. Needless to say the impatient shoppers were.. well impatient, so horns started to blare and I quickly bolted inside to get my shopping done and completely forget about my picture until uploading the pics later in the evening.

I do love the thought behind this photo, of the lines we choose to cross or not cross throughout the day, whether they be emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual or all of the above. We come against so many decisions throughout the day, some we don’t even realize until we take time to look, like the yellow lines in this picture. I find a version of this saying coming up in my mind a lot lately. Im working on losing some weight, diving further into my religion, growing my business and relationship among other things and because of that I encounter so many lines throughout the day in which I decide whether or not to cross. There’s a fast food restaurant… do I cross that line and risk my diet/health? There’s a new training on photography or design.. do I cross that line. Some lines we need to cross are easy and thoughtless, others not so much. Some Im sure even scare us, we may not even want to look across the line because we don’t know what may be on the other side. Either way we find ourselves connecting with this image more than we realize.

Domino wall

ISO 500 4.28mm f/2.4 1/15sec

Lately I’ve been trying to retrain myself to shoot more with my iphone when I don’t have my Canon with me (which is actually a funny sentence to read if you didn’t know I was talking about photography haha). I’ve grown so accustom to my big bad dslr that I tend to forget that the iPhone packs a mean camera as well. My goal is to get to the point that Im shoot literally thousands of pictures a day. They say you have to have around 10,000 hours  into something before you can truly master it. Well its going to be some time before I hit that, but getting in thousands of shots a day will get me there faster.

Theres something about finding amazement in so many things through out the day that… well amazes me. Like I’ve said in recent exposures, I love finding beauty and interest in things that people often take for granted and pass by every single day. I love connecting stories with a scene, even if the story seems so disconnected at first. As a creative I love letting my imagination run free throughout the day.

As the title of the photo suggests, when I looked at this wall I immediately seen the domino, the great chinese game that my loving Grandma would try to teach me time and time again. But of course being the hyperactive kid that I was, I would instead turn the dining room table into a striped maze of 2in x 1in white and black blocks that would wake anyone trying to get an afternoon nap in when they finally came crashing down, launching a good handful of them off the table. I was half tempted to give the wall a good shove to see if it would budge taking anything in its path out as it would flip down the stairs behind it. I wonder if the designer of this structure had similar childhood memories in mind when he created this wall?

Journey into the unkown

ISO 500 4.5mm f/2.4 1/15sec

I ran across this walking tunnel on the outskirts of Downtown Grand Rapids by accident. I was actually looking for a good vantage point to get a clear shot of the city and surrounding traffic during the evening. I had driven up and down a half dozen streets leading to a hill along side the highway looking over downtown with no luck in finding a treeless open patch to set up. I was just about to call it a night when I decided to try one last dead end drive. I found this tunnel that runs under the highway and immediately jumped out to start taking some pics with my iphone. I didn’t feel like lugging my big dslr down to a tunnel unknown to me up to this point.

What I really loved about this quick shot is all the wonder I experienced while looking into this grungy walkway. I couldn’t help but to wonder what was on the other side, though not curious enough to venture through to find out (This is in a rougher part of town mind you, and they didn’t mark the street Dead End for no reason). I really think the iPhones imperfection in night time captures add’s an extra element to the rough grunge feel of the pic. The photo is as imperfect as my search for my original shot that evening, and for that it is perfect.

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