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Guest Post: Kris Mathis

Young Boy Baffles Reporters

Last week my wife and I were sitting at home watching T.V. together. As I began to flip through the channels I caught a reporter beginning to tell a story about a man who nearly drowned in a swimming pool. I found this story to be very powerful and I want to share it with you.

The reporter began to tell about a man who jumped into a pool head first. He didn’t realize that he jumped into the pool on the wrong end. Instead of diving in on the deep end of the pool, he dove in on the shallow end of the pool. When the man jumped in he hit his head on the bottom of the pool and knocked himself unconscious. The man’s 11-year old son and his 12-year old friend stood back terrified by this accident and not sure how to help. The man’s 11-year old son ran into the house to call 911 hoping his dad would not drown before the emergency team would arrive.

While the man’s son was in the house on the phone his 12-year old friend refused to stand back and watch any longer. The seconds were ticking away fast and the man was losing life rapidly while under water. The 12-year old boy jumped into the water and wrapped his arm around the chest of 6’3″ 230 lb. man the best he could. Then he began to pull this very large man to the surface. He got the man to the steps of the pool and pulled him completely out of the water. Read more…

New Guest Posts!!

So Ive been contemplating on how to take this blog, that has actually been doing quit well so far, to the next level. I am a huge believer in having not only mentors but powerful people to surround myself with to invoke intense and meaningful conversation! So in an attempt to add to my challenge of posting my Daily Exposures and my own personal thoughts and creativeness, I have again challenged myself to reach out to the various people who have and continue to impact my life in helping me towards the-best-version-of-myself. So starting today, I plan on featuring a guest post every wednesday from top performers in their personal field.

My goal with this is to “Expose” you guys to my sources of inspiration, motivation, and often accountability, while at the same time “Exposing” my mentors and close friends to my awesome network of fans (thats you.. you awesome fan you) that have helped take the blog to where it is, even in its short month lifespan its had so far!

Realize Im not reaching out to just the ol average Joe, these are top performers and experts in their field, and I wouldn’t reach out if they hadn’t impacted me in a BIG way!

So without further ado, I introduce our first Guest Writer Kris Mathis, who I have been privileged to know for a few years now. Read more…

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