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Quotography Guest Post: Finding time for projects

Our Co-Host Shannon wanted to share a few words and ideas on how she goes about creating and finding time for projects like our quotography collab.

Finding time for creative projects

I truly believe that if something is important to you, you will make time for it.  That is the nature of priorities.  This goes for anything you are passionate about – your family, your friendships, your significant other, your hobbies….or for those work-a-holics out there, your career.

Obviously, there are only so many hours in a day, no matter how many times I wish for more.  I spend a lot of my brain cells on creating a time-budget, so that I know when and where things will fit into my day.  I also keep a mental note of what things can be moved if need be, to make room for life as it crops up.  It all stems from the philosophy of knowing what is urgent versus what is important, a hard personal lesson I learned a few years back. (For me, that lesson went hand in hand with remembering to tell the people in your life that you appreciate them!) Read more…

Guest Post : Kris Mathis : Until

There’s Power In The Word UNTIL…

I have a question for you. How long should a baby try to walk before you tell them to give up trying? Think about that for a second. How long would you give a baby to learn to walk before you tell them enough is enough! Just give up trying!

Now some of the mothers out there are probably reading this and thinking to themselves, “Is this guy crazy!! I would never tell my baby to give up trying! He/she will keep trying to walk UNTIL they walk!” And I agree with you mothers. We should never tell our children to give up. But we should also never tell ourselves to give up either.

You see, there’s something special about that word ‘UNTIL.’ And this one word carries more power than we give it credit. We must remember the power of this word while on our journey towards our goals and dreams.

Promise yourself that you will keep going UNTIL you reach your goals and dreams! You must keep reading books UNTIL you develop your skills! You will keep listening UNTIL it makes sense! You will keep practicing UNTIL you’re good at it! You must keep going UNTIL you make it no matter how long it takes! You will go step-by-step and day-by-day UNTIL it happens for you!! Read more…

Special Collaboration Daily Exposure!

ISO100 50mm f/4.6 1/800sec

For St. Patty’s day a new (Really COOL) friend of mine, Shannon from,  and I decided it would be a great opportunity to collaborate on a shoot. We thought it would be interesting to see how two creatives, living hundreds of miles apart, would visualize the same subject, which in this case was the idea of “Luck of the Irish”. As Shannon mentions below, the rules were simple, find a subject that represents the idea of Irish luck, while maintaining a creative mindset and not going for the “givens”. Read more…

Guest Post: Betsy Crouch Part 2

Creativity + Money = ??

I was walking down the street the other night pondering the relationship between creativity and money.  I walked past an art gallery and looking at the art displayed in the windows, and “poof!” there it was, a large green painting with big white dollar sign in the middle.  Huh, there it is, creativity and money.

What do we all want?  Inner contentedness, a sense of well-being, connection, and love.  Ultimately, we all want to thrive.

When you think of creativity and money, what comes to mind?

I think of disconnection.

I think of “starving artists.”

I think of the power we have to create abundance. Read more…

Guest Post : Kris Mathis Part 2

Im excited to say our two previous Guest Bloggers have offered up some follow up posts this week for our audience here at Nick Exposed.

Today’s article was released in Kris Mathis’ newsletter earlier this morning. He was kind enough to offer it up as a guest post, in hopes of adding some extra value to start your week off. If you’ve been following the blog, you probably remember Kris’s first appearance with his article Young Boy Baffles Reporterson the topic of overcoming limiting beliefs. If you enjoyed that article then your going to love this post about one of our most valuable resources.

The Present

Imagine if you had a bank that credited your account each morning with a large sum of money. But, it carried over no balance from day to day. Every evening it deleted whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out all of it, of course!

Each of us has such a bank. Its name is – Time. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Read more…

Guest Post: Betsy Crouch

Have you ever thought of your “unique set of gifts, talents, and perspective,” as “creativity?”

You are creativity.  You are a magical and unique expression.

Creative expression is “life blood,” and fuels all areas of our lives.  However, our deep cultural belief in practicality squeezes creative expression out of our lives.

Creating space in your life to express your unique set of gifts, talents, and perspective, could be the most practical choice you ever make.

Creatively expressing myself has lead to a deep sense of well-being which has positively effected every aspect of my life.

Growing up I loved music, drawing, dancing and singing.  As a child I never pursued any of these things much beyond required classes and some years of private cello lessons.  I also loved sports, and I spent many hours playing and practicing, plus I was “good at sports.”  When I went to college, I really wanted to take art classes and I never registered for a class because it wasn’t “practical.”  I took an adult education drawing class two years out of college and since then I have taken classes on or created space for:  stand up comedy, improv, improvisational singing, drawing, portraits/self-portraits, photography, and writing.

Tomorrows Guest Blogger!

First of all Happy Valentines Day to you all!! I hope your spending some wonderfully meaningful time with your loved ones!!

Now onto business because I am very excited to share tomorrows Guest Blogger with you!

Betsy Crouch is a perfect example of  balance between professional work life and personal creative expression, and often find ways to blend to two together creating extraordinary results! Betsy is the CEO and Founder of Sizzle Consulting where she is passionate at helping people find what makes them come to life. I have had the amazing privilege of having coaching calls with Betsy over the last couple months, and I must say I look forward to the call each week. They not only push me personally and professionally but also creatively, and finding a intertwined balance between each area in order to perform at my best. I find that Betsy and I share some common beliefs on the power of bringing personal creativity into your life, which happens to be the subject of her post tomorrow.

Betsy has enjoyed a life of much success with various different career achievements, including top producing management positions and a Vice Presidency with an extraordinary Financial Consulting firm, and now with founding Sizzle Consulting. Betsy is an entrepreneur, coach, artist, speaker, writer, improv actor, and a storyteller.  She has conducted over 4,000 coaching sessions helping individuals and organizations to thrive. To say she is qualified to share thoughts on the power of creative thinking would be an understatement!

Be on the lookout for the post tomorrow, and come ready to be inspired as Betsy shares thoughts on the meaning of creativity and how to openly express it in order to thrive.

You can check out more on Betsy at her various sites.

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