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AE-1 Adventures

ASA200 50mm f/5.6 1/125sec


Thankfully I was conveniently over prepared when I went out to shoot yesterday! A couple friends had to bail out on shooting at the last minute which came in handy when I got out to downtown and realized I forgot my SD card for shooting digital, and because I switched bags to bring both of my film cameras I had forgotten to bring my back up card as well. So I was left shooting entirely with the AE-1 for the day, which was a fun yet slightly nerve-racking experience. I’ve been known in the past to mess up a roll or two when it comes to shooting 35mm, and its still very much a learning and experimental stage for me. However at the end of the day the pictures did develop and I had captured a few fun scenes along the way.

This first scene caught my eye just a minute or two into the days shooting. I love the ironic twist to the backwards tourism, with her Big City New York hoody on while being lost in the extremely contrasting small city of Grand Rapids.
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