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Overlapping Circles

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/400sec

I made a comment a few days ago about how I’ve been told by my friends that I often say out loud “Wow thats interesting”, while on my photo walks and even during every day tasks and errands. I feel one of the main reasons I was drawn to photography is because my life has consisted of a journey searching for that which makes me say just that, “Wow thats interesting” or “Thats amazing”.

I’ve also made mention in a previous post about my lifelong goal of being easily amused and constantly amazed. I feel the only way for this to happen is to remain aware of all that is amusing and amazing around us. I find it incredible that people can go through life so miserable with such interesting, amusing and amazing things and happenings all around them. This is one of the reasons I am a strong advocate of personal creative expression, when you start creatively expressing yourself in whatever way it may be, photography, drawing/painting, digital arts, music even dancing you begin to experience a heightened awareness of all that is creative and beautiful around you. You begin to find inspiration and wonder in your everyday life.

These circular concrete blocks definitely fall into the category of things that have made me verbally express my interest during a photo walk. Such odd blocks sitting not 10 ft from where we parked for our days walk. On an on topic side note: I get asked quite often if I ever get sick of doing a photo walk downtown, as most people would think you would run out of interesting things to shoot. Well to give you an example, downtown right now is currently under loads of construction, so every day I make it out there to shoot is a new experience because its constantly changing. However, I do enjoy a change of scenery every now and then and force myself to explore new areas from week to week.

I love capturing various perspectives of the same subject. It ceases to amaze me at how easy you can change a mood, look and feel of the images story by simply moving a few feet. Whether that means shooting straight up or down on it, crouching down to get a low pov or zooming in and capturing the detail shot. As creatives we have an amazing ability to tell only the bits of the story that we want to be known. We can choose to include or exclude something completely, or just enough to imply the rest of the story and let the viewer fill in the missing pieces. So much fun 🙂

ISO100 50mm f/5.6 1/400sec

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24 thoughts on “Overlapping Circles

  1. hey nick – have you ever tried black-and-white? if, not, you may wish to consider it; it goes along really well with reinforced concrete…


    • Hey Alessandro, I did try black and white, however I didn’t like the loss of orange in the construction netting as it was a key ingredient to placing the scene. Thanks for your creative suggestions though 🙂

  2. It’s the everyday stuff that normally passes us by that I find the most interesting.

  3. Easily amused and constantly amazed – you just described me too!! Love both shots. 🙂

  4. Wonderfully expressed post, Nick. I, too, aim to go through life “easily amused and constantly amazed.” It was just a couple of days ago that I found myself fascinated with a spray bottle and photographed it for my own blog. 🙂 I am constantly amazed at the things that inspire me creatively, and otherwise.

    • Hey Earl! Glad to hear you fall in this category of outstanding individuals… seeking out the enjoyment that that world has to offer (I like making everything sound like the opening line to a super hero show 😉 )

  5. weedimageoftheday on said:

    “Wow!” is one of my favorite words!

    • Wow! Thats awesome 😉 Continue to say it! When we express our enjoyment and interest its like a contagious disease, others cant help but find a bit of extra enjoyment and amazement in their day as well!

  6. Nick, I always look forward to your posts because of your creative thought processes. You are contagious and that’s a good thing, shining through in your images and thoughts that surround them.


  7. Stef on said:

    Well spotted.
    Yeah, I’ve been known to say ‘Ooh a …’ or ‘Look at that…’
    I really should more often.

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