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Quotography Guest Post: Finding time for projects

Our Co-Host Shannon wanted to share a few words and ideas on how she goes about creating and finding time for projects like our quotography collab.

Finding time for creative projects

I truly believe that if something is important to you, you will make time for it.  That is the nature of priorities.  This goes for anything you are passionate about – your family, your friendships, your significant other, your hobbies….or for those work-a-holics out there, your career.

Obviously, there are only so many hours in a day, no matter how many times I wish for more.  I spend a lot of my brain cells on creating a time-budget, so that I know when and where things will fit into my day.  I also keep a mental note of what things can be moved if need be, to make room for life as it crops up.  It all stems from the philosophy of knowing what is urgent versus what is important, a hard personal lesson I learned a few years back. (For me, that lesson went hand in hand with remembering to tell the people in your life that you appreciate them!)

These days, after the people I love, photography is on the top of my priority list.  That means I find ways to make it happen almost every day.  In some cases, it’s more like photo-support (aka writin’ a blog for y’all to enjoy!), or watching some youtube videos on an editing technique that, prior to the magic of the interwebs, never occurred to me. Other times its talking shop with other photographers.  But on the best days, it’s taking photos.

A lot of the advice you read about making time for photography involves carrying your camera with you at all times and shooting on your breaks.  I feel like that is…well…obvious advice.  But it falls in line with the idea that if it’s important to you, it’s not a hardship to make the time for it.  Believe me, this is straight from the (I work 2 jobs, take care of 2 pets, donate time to a local non-profit and still run a photography business) horse’s mouth!

As my good friend Amy used to say after we put 20 hour weekends into the non-profit, “You can sleep when you’re dead”. (Which will hopefully be a long, long time from now. Please and thank you!)

For me personally, finding time for this Quotography project has been challenging.  However, I am thankful that so many people are getting something out of my “little quotes and photos idea”, and that gratitude is a strong motivator to work hard for this collaboration.  Yes, it has involved carrying my camera everywhere.  Yes it has involved shooting around work and other obligations.  Yes, it has definitely involved some sleep deprivation. But…hey…our creative endeavors are worth it!

It’s so gratifying to see my baby (Quotography) take on a life of it’s own.  I’m really looking forward to seeing your images!  Are you looking forward to sharing them!!??!!

Be sure to head over to Shannon’s facebook page (Seeing Spots Photography) and hit that like button 😀

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16 thoughts on “Quotography Guest Post: Finding time for projects

  1. A friend of mine once turend the saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” into something that is maybe more useful which is, “I’ll die if I don’t sleep.” Who knows?

    • Haha, I think thats the pattern of life… We say “Ill sleep when Im dead” for as long as we can before we say “Ill die if I dont sleep” haha. But either way the message is using your time wisely to pursue your passions and desire.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Check it out! My latest Guest Post. 🙂

  3. I’ve been as sick as a dog but I’m determined I’ll get my shots to you on time.

    • Bummer Rob, still not feeling good? I hope you get better soon! I love the dedication, but dont stress yourself just do what you can 🙂

      • still rough, but I’m back at work and my temperature is back within the normal human range. Got one definite quote done and shots that will work for the other two although they’re not perfect, they’ll work if I run out of time.

  4. I’ll sleep over quotography to get it on time 😉

  5. I have to snicker at the whole sleeping issue… I don’t know how many of you saw the movie Phenomenom in the 90’s, it stared John Travolta. Anyway, his character loses the need to sleep (along with other talents developing) and he gets so much more done each day. After seeing that I wished I could give up sleeping, can you imagine all you could do with another 6-8 hours a day??? 😉

    At the same time, sleep is vital for the creative process so I guess I’ll go get some shut-eye now. Maybe it’ll help as I try to make major progress with my quotes tomorrow. 🙂

    • True and True. Often we look at sleeping a third of our life as exactly that “Sleeping our life away”, And its true we could get so much more accomplished with and extra third of our life span. But as it stands right now we do need sleep in order to refuel the burners as we move forward on our creative journey. The trick is figuring out how much sleep you need to thrive then using everything else to get you to the places you need and want to go 🙂 Thanks for your those Julz! And thanks for the comments on G+! I need peeps to hold me accountable to posting on there more haha

  6. I love this collaborative project idea, so creative, and I look forward to seeing people’s images. I’ve been having trouble getting my images finished. I have 2 out of 3 complete.. will you accept incomplete submissions? Then maybe a grace period for that 3rd image? 🙂

    • Yea absolutely. Just to let you know incase you didnt catch the update on the Nick Exposed Facebook Page, we extended the submission deadline to sunday at midnight to give another full weekend of shooting and editing. I hope that helps. But yes to answer your question we wouldn’t not accept a submission because it was incomplete. Have fun with it and if you can get all three finished on time then awesome 🙂 Thanks Kelly!

  7. Love this! This issue…finding time to do the things I want/need to do…is my daily battle! Thanks for the encouragement! ~ Sheila

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