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TEN by David duChemin : Review

Recently I went and got the entire Craft & Vision e-book series, 40+ books, in order to bring you guys reviews on affordable learning material (their books sell for just 5 bucks a piece! I know.. hard to believe in such a costly hobby/profession). If you have been following the blog in the past you know that I am a big fan of David duChemin and gave away one of his hard copy books (Photographically Speaking), signed by David himself, as the last contest prize! When I heard of his involvement in C&V, and seen the massive amounts of awesome e-books he had released through them I jumped on the chance to build my digital reading collection!

David’s teaching is constantly diving further into the ideas and techniques that we often think we are familiar with. He takes principles, like rule of thirds, perspective, and light, and brings them into a whole new dimension that I haven’t seen taught anywhere else. Every time I walk away from having read even just a chapter in one of his books, I feel empowered with new tools and ideas to help take my photography to the next level. This is exactly what David does in his e-book “TEN”, where he lays out “Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear” (as the tagline suggests 😉 ).

Although it appears to be a short read, at under 20 wide format pages, there is enough information packed into this e-book to concentrate on for years to come, and will undoubtedly have an immediate impact on the way you think about and shoot your photography. As I mentioned above, David dives in deep on subjects we may already be familiar with, but give us those nitty gritty bits that others left out, in order to help us master the underlying theory.

In an email conversation I had with David about a month ago I humorously expressed my gratitude for his in-depth teaching: “The way you take ideas I assumed I had grasped rather well, and then rip them from my hands.. b*tch slap me with them(In a good way.. I guess), then hand them back with a whole new meaning, is unreal. … In all my searching through training and literature I’ve never heard it put so simply, and yet painfully.. my face still hurts you know. I love your style of teaching as its open enough to allow the student to learn without being overly impressed with your style, and leads to the development of their own personal style… Beautiful!”

His approach on each topic is refreshing and easy to follow, which he then follows each chapter up with a creative exercise, giving us the means of which we can run out into the world and apply the newly grasped info. This book (as well as his many others I’ve made my way through so far) have answered many of the questions I’ve asked repeatedly since starting in photography… What does it take to make a good photograph? How do I find the right perspective? What in the hell does “Seeing the Light” mean?

It doesn’t matter if your a hobbyist or a working professional, I guarantee you will find a nugget or two (or twenty) in this book that will drastically shift the way you think creatively when shooting!

You can pick this book up over here, and be sure to check out Davids other books as well as the rest of the collection that Craft & Vision has to offer! At 5 bucks a piece you cant beat it!

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12 thoughts on “TEN by David duChemin : Review

  1. I love David Du Chemin and how he makes everything uncomplicated. I was lucky to stumble upon a link back to his blog. (I think it was yours) I can’t say much that I have personally improved my “photography” but everything he says makes sense to me.

  2. Thanks for sharing some tips, Nick. Looking forward to more book reviews.

  3. Sonel on said:

    Great review Nick! 🙂

  4. My next post will be titled, Thanks for the Kreativ Blogger nomination. Part of my responsibility is to nominate others. You are among the seven that I nominated, Sally

  5. eremophila on said:

    I have also been inspired by David’s work, and have some of the books from Craft and Vision. Not only great value, but very informative.

  6. Thank you very much for the review Nick! I’m always on the lookout for good photography books so more reviews would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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