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Calling all Creatives :: Collab Project time!

BAM! Time for another collaboration photo project!

If you remember last months Luck of the Irish Collab, my good friend Shannon and I took the same concept each and attacked it with our cameras and creative thinking. It was interesting to see how two creatives thousands of miles apart would come to visualizing the same idea and concept. Well.. Shannon and I have been talking and its time to bring another collaboration to the surface, only this time were going to get anybody and everybody involved to add to the excitement and creativity!

If your following either the Nick Exposed or the Seeing Spots Photography Facebook pages you have probably seen the sneak peeks we’ve been posting over the last couple weeks (If your not following our pages heres the hint to do so so you don’t miss out on all the cool shit we post!! Capiche?  😉 ). If you happened to miss our awesome sneak peak posts the topic of the collab is “Quotography”, taking famous.. and not so famous quotes and visualizing them in the form of a photo. Simple enough right?

So how is this thing going to work?

Each participant will submit their 3 favorite quotes which will be randomly be given to other creatives. Which in turn means you will get 3 random quotes that you will then have to creatively capture through the lens. You can use your dslr, 35mm, Hasselblad medium format, iphone, pinhole watermelon, holga camera built entirely out of bacon bits.. etc. the point is it doesn’t matter what you use or have to capture the photo with as long as you approach it in a creative fashion. Theres really no wrong way to do it.

Whats the timeframe?

We would like to have anyone who would like to participate in the collab email me with your three favorite quotes. Put “Count me in for Quotography” as the subject and have an email to me by 10am est. Sat 21st.

Deadline for submitting your photos to be featured in the write up and “online exhibit” will be May 5th, which after quotes are submitted and distributed will give roughly 2 weeks to brain storm and execute your ideas.

Are there prizes?

This is not a contest (Although if you are able to make a camera out of Bacon Bits I will find you a prize), but rather a creative exercise involving our photog communities.

What would be considered a good quote to submit?

Obviously we aren’t going to work with any inappropriate quotes or images. However any inspiring/motivating quote will do. Ex. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Mahatma Gandhi

When you submit please include the authors name so that the quote may be credited when presented with the image. Also before submitting any “Unknown” author quotes please do a quick search on googlegoodreads or a similar site in order to ensure as many quotes as possible get proper recognition.

Other than that feel free to leave any questions in the comments below, or email them to me directly. Please send your quotes submissions and statement that you wish to participate to my email and not to the comments below, that will ensure it is all in the same place, as I would hate to accidentally leave anyone out.

We are truly excited to bring this project to the community and cant wait to see where it will lead.

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49 thoughts on “Calling all Creatives :: Collab Project time!

  1. Count me in, I’m free this weekend. 🙂 Will email you once I remember/find some quotes.

  2. AndrewIronmonger on said:

    Awesome, I got some great quotes coming your way!

  3. JennyO on said:

    WOW how fun, okay I’ve got quotes to dig up, I have a few I’ve seen that make me go AHA!! 3… oh how FUN.

  4. Brilliant idea A quote hunting I go…

  5. Santi on said:

    Great idea!!!

  6. Congrats for the idea.
    I having trouble using my free time but I won’t miss this. Great way to interact.

  7. emailed, looking fwd to it. Don’t go coming up with hard quotes people!

  8. Sonel on said:

    Stunning idea Nick! I am sure you’re going to get a lot of good quotes and shots! 🙂 Have fun! 🙂

  9. sounds like fun! Have a few quotes in mind already!

  10. This sounds like fun! I’ll email you as soon as I get my quotes! (:

  11. I love the idea, but for me the timing is bad as I’ll be working hard on my final project for my lighting class, which is due May 8th. If you do this again in the summer you can count me in. Sounds like fun!

    • Bummer Carissa! I was hoping you would be able to be a part of the project. I hope your lighting class goes well, and we will definitely have more projects to get involved in 🙂

  12. Great idea Nick and Shannon…I think I may have to join in the fun.

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  14. I’m in! Great idea – will get some quotes to you today!!!

  15. Wow! Gutted it’s past the deadline / I have exams so wouldn’t have the time 😦

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  21. I am interested.

  22. How did I miss this? This looks like so much fun, I hope you decide to do it again in the NEAR future! 🙂

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