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As many of you may know, I just returned from a truly amazing trip out to Chicago for the Front Row Foundations biggest fundraising event of the year. Our event was a smashing success and a ton of fun. While I was out I had the pleasure of taking a day in the windy city to wander around and snap some scenes. To set the stage, I had pulled an all nighter the night before I was to leave in order to get the blog up to date before I embarked on the week-weekend adventure. I arrived in the heart of Chicago’s city shortly after 10am energized by multiple (meaning 4) Starbucks Double Shot Expresso’s. I battled on through the day with my caffeine induced body and shot well over 1000 shots in about 9 hours of walking.

Throughout the day I decided to work on a few mini series with various themes. The first of which was a scavenger hunt for lettering around town to spell out Chicago as seen above. I decided this will be a game I play for each new city I will visit in the future. On top of that were a few other themes that will be the topic and feature of upcoming posts as I strive to catch up over the next few days.

There is quite the difference between my small city of Grand Rapids Michigan and the Big City of Chicago. I quickly realized that I would have to adjust my style of shooting compared to that of back in the small city. The town isn’t as friendly as previous towns I’ve explored, however I swiftly learned the art of Ninja shooting, in order to avoid having my camera shoved up m… well you get the point.

I look forward to bringing you my days discoveries, as I still sort through the nearly 1500 shots taken.

ISO200 55mm f/5.6 1/250sec

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14 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Absolutely love the results of your scavenger hunt for letters to spell Chicago. That’s awesome!!

  2. Fabulous story and great shot of your energy source!! 😉

  3. I can see you thoroughly enjoyed Nick! Great shot! 🙂

  4. Your letter scavenger hunt idea for each city you visit is great…I may have to pinch it 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your other captures of Chicago…all 1500

  5. Almost 1500 shots? I sure hope they were digital.

    • haha yes they were, I only had the AE-1 out for a few shots to start off in the morn but quickly switched over to the DSLR and finished the day off digital. Thanks

  6. I love the banner. Well done.

    I thought my 650 (after I had deleted a bunch of ones that held no artistic appeal to me) was a bunch. It’s so much fun to see results immediately. 😀

    • It really is, except for the fact that I hardly ever chimp lol. I might as well be shooting film haha. But honestly I love the simplicity of being able to check your pics on the go.

  7. Nick, the scavenger hunt to spell out Chicago had a great result. It’s brilliant!

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