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Time Flies

WOW, I feel like its been forever since I’ve posted something. As I mentioned earlier last week the past week and a half have been consumed with various work related projects, mainly charity related with our upcoming Gala event in Chicago this week. Unfortunately with my schedule being the way it is, I haven’t been able to allot my self the time needed to process the photos I’ve been capturing. To give you a behind the scenes glance however I have right around a thousand photos waiting for me to sort and process, so be on the look out for the missed days photos to start showing up slowly but surely. To give everyone a heads up as well, this weekend I will be in Chicago helping run our fundraising event, and will have no access to my computer, however I do plan on capturing the great city of Chicago with my lens and will have plenty to share once I return πŸ™‚

Now on to other exciting news!

First of all I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter celebrations! The family took a trip out to my Grandmas for the day, with which I spent most of the day mowing her yard for her haha. But it gave me some great time to think about the direction of the blog and all things related. I can’t stress enough how much I have enjoyed the growth of the community so far, and look forward to the excitement and growth that is to come!Β 

Although the posts have been lacking in the last week, I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring some exciting new additions forward for the site that I think you guys are going to be very pleased with. I’ve been communicating with an extraordinary individual who will be helping produce the new Nick Exposed t-shirts with some hilarious and just plain awesome photography related designs on them that you wont want to miss out on. Not only that but I have been pursuing an idea for a Nick Exposed fundraising project that will go towards helping youth, that don’t necessarily have the means or support, to be able to appreciate and participate in the power of creative expression. When the shirts become available a portion of the sales will go to kickstart this exciting new fundraising project.

Also, I’ve been reaching out to some very inspiring creatives for guest blogs as I mentioned before, and look forward to the wonderful content that they will be able to bring to the site and community. With that being said this is also a call to action for any of you who feel you have an idea or any inspiration and knowledge you would like to have shared. I would love to feature you as a guest blogger and share your insight with the rest of the Nick Exposed community!

Lastly for this update, the next collab project has been decided! Similar to the last collaboration, this will be a ongoing project between creative/photographer/blogger Shannon Kalahan and I, however I’m thinking we should add a few more creatives to this one. If your interested in joining in on the fun and growth that is to be had leave a comment below or feel free to shoot me an email!

By the way the Facebook page will be getting a facelift in the next week or so! So be sure to head on over there and start following to catch all the Nick Exposed updates, Contests, Behind the scenes pics and random creative inspiration that I post throughout the week!

Thanks for the continued support! I am so pumped up to see where this year takes us all πŸ™‚

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15 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. Nick, just yesterday my poet friend and I lauched a blog that features her haiku and my photos ( If there’s some way to incorporate our collaboration in some of your projects, we’d be interested….


  2. “Life Gets in the Way” happens to all of us!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Looking forward to your Windy City photos!

  4. CHICAGO! My son moved there last year; I’ve been fortunate to have three visits and I LOVE that city. I am looking forward to seeing your shots.

    I truly enjoy your photography AND your blog.

  5. Definitely looking forward to our creativity party! Sign up for some fun, friends! =)

  6. Is there anyone who blogs that hasn’t been sidetracked/derailed by life, travel, the unexpected, project deadlines, you name it?! I experience this on a regular basis. I used to feel disappointed in my ability to post as regularly as I wanted, but I’ve finally recognized that this is a self imposed expectation and I am better off posting when I have something to say rather than putting something up just to say I posted. And I’m sure your photos will be worth the wait! ~ Sheila

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