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Grandpa’s Workshop

ISO800 21mm f/3.5 1/40sec

This is an image I’ve seen in my head for some time now. I’ve been wanting to create it and wanting to create it, and finally had my opportunity this weekend.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this Easter the family took a trip out to my Grandma’s house for the day. Before we took off I ventured down into Grandpa’s shop to capture this one scene. I knew exactly what I was going for, as I tried this shot once before on our last visit but didn’t like the end results. Ive been extremely picky on this shot as I wanted to ensure it did the scene and idea justice.

A few years ago my grandfather passed away. He was such a wonderful person, kind, caring, intelligent and quite crafty! He was an outstanding wood worker as you can probably gather from the cabinets and benches in this shot. He was always working on one project or another and had this awesome work shop in the basement that any handy man would undeniably drool over. Ever since his passing, the workshop has remained mostly untouched. Even the images he had taken out of magazines as inspiration for his next project were left on the work bench.

As I mentioned, I have been excited to take this image as a way to pay respect to my loving grandfather! In my mind its a celebration of the kind of man that he was, and the constant enjoyment he found in doing something he absolutely loved. Every time we visited grandma and grandpa when I was a kid, a good portion of the day was filled with the men in the family moving their conversations to the basement while grandpa showed off his new badass creations.

We all miss him dearly, and I am happy to have captured this shot in a positive memory of one of the greatest men I have ever known.

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50 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Workshop

  1. George Weaver on said:

    You did indeed capture his essence in that chair. What a wonderful tribute. It made me smile.

  2. Love it – especially that green chair – great angle

  3. saucyminxcreations on said:

    Gramps would be proud. Or more likely he’d think you were on drugs. 😊

  4. Nice shot – the colour of the chair is wonderful amongst all that wood.

  5. A wonderful post and tribute to your grandfather. Great photo, too. πŸ™‚

  6. You got the light on the chair just right. It practically glows. What a lovely tribute to your grandpa.

  7. love it – taken from child-height too I see, to add to the memory

  8. Sonel on said:

    Oh wow! How lucky you were to have such a great grandfather. Love that workbench. It’s gorgeous! Indeed an excellent capture. Thanks for sharing Nick. πŸ™‚

  9. ostranderblog on said:

    This is lovely in both the writing and the photo. I would have loved to have captured a moment of my Grandfathers work – he loved taking Photos of ships and sunrises. The ability to capture this moment and share a little of who this man is? Is so wonderful and speaks in volumes of your love for him.

  10. What a touching post! Your grandfather sounds like he was a wonderful man and a very important part of your life. You have great memories, and I’m so glad you finally got this perfect shot! I love the perspective πŸ™‚

  11. so many memories of my own woodworking grandfathers workshop, which was in the process of being moved to my fathers home when he passed away. He never saw his new workshop recreated but it’s there now as my fathers workshop and still remains true to the original.

    • That’s cool that your dad keeps it true to the original. I’m curious to see what will happen to my grandpas shop as time goes on. Thanks for sharing your story Rob!

  12. Reblogged this on Mr Bunny Chow and commented:
    I wanted to reshare this fantastic photograph by the talented Nick Mayo.

    It brings to life so many memorys of being in my own grandfathers workshop.

  13. What a lovely shot!

  14. This picture tells the storry. I could imagine him working there. Good job!

  15. I absolutely love this shot, and the story it tells. Good work Nick. I think you definitely succeeded in giving justice to this scene. The view is very reminiscent of a child looking up at his grandpa… love the vantage point, love the colors!

  16. Nice shot and nice narrative Nick! I truly enjoyed it!

  17. What a sentimental shot and tribute to your grandfather. I know others have said it but I noticed too the angle you shot it, from a child’s perspective…you when smaller. A photo to treasure by you and your family for sure.

  18. Beautiful shot! What a special way to honour your grandfather. πŸ™‚

  19. Your best post so far πŸ™‚

  20. Awesome work. I can feel your grandfather’s presence and can imagine him rubbing his hands over the wood, the way woodworkers do. I also noticed the shot from the eyes of a little kid sitting on the floor. Probably playing with scraps. πŸ˜€

  21. The angle is so perfect. A child’s view, the view of admiration.

  22. Ray Mayo on said:

    Very nice Nick. Thank you for this. Brings tears to my eyes to see this shot and to read the comments you wrote. My father, your grandfather would have been very touched.

    • Thank You Dad! This I would have to say has been my favorite comment on the blog yet, it brought tears to my eyes reading your thoughts and seeing a comment from you brought a smile to my face! I love you and thanks for you continued support!

  23. This image is perfect. The cabinetry, the tools, the green stool, the lighting. You clearly show your connection to your grandfather. What a fantastic tribute.

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