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Holy Entrance

ISO200 18mm f/11 1/30sec

This Saturday a good friend of mine and I took a day trip out to Kalamazoo, a city a little over an hour away from our town of Grand Rapids. The idea was to tour an area that was completely unfamiliar to either one of us, without the use of maps or gps, just relying on our instincts to guide us to and through the town as we embarked on this adventurous day.

My friend, who coincidently enough is named Nick as well, has taken an interest in my photography and has been joining me along with a few others on my photo walks over the last couple weeks. As a fellow creative (a kick ass musician!), its always fun exploring the cities as we discuss the similarities of our two creative means of expression. Its always refreshing to find someone else who is so passionate towards their goals and aspirations, whether it be in photography or any other art form.

Kalamazoo had so much to offer, but I would definitely say this was one of my more exciting finds of the day. Obviously as photographers we tend to get sucked into scenes like this, as if these beautifully designed churches had their own gravitational pull. The colors, textures and graphics just stack on top of each other creating a multileveled sandwich of dynamic subject, leaving your mouth watering as you fumble with your aperture to gather all that is in front of you.

If your following the Nick Exposed Facebook page, you probably recognize this door from the behind the scenes shot I shared earlier this weekend. Little to my knowledge, Nick was behind me snapping candid shots while I lay sprawled out on the ground shooting up at this beautiful structure. I always laugh at the often ridiculous looking positions we put ourselves in as photographers in order to get “The Shot”. If you haven’t seen the behind the scenes shot yet, you can check it out Here. Pssst… While your over there, be sure to like the page for more exclusive shots and content, as well as contests, announcements and often daily creative inspiration!

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35 thoughts on “Holy Entrance

  1. Sonel on said:

    Oh wow! That is a stunning shot! Thanks for sharing Nick. 🙂

  2. Mike Vorontsov on said:

    very interesting post and great capture! waiting for a new content from you, Nick!

    • Thanks Mike! I have plenty more on its way. Still working through my pics from the weekend but will be caught up soon enough 🙂 Keep checking back and be sure to follow the FB page for further updates

  3. fantastic shot Nick, Like you I’m drawn to old churches and this one is a beaut.

    hope you’re well

  4. Wow, what an amazing photo! I don’t think I have ever seen a red door like that on a church before, but it adds so much to the shot, and I love how you will do anything, like sprawl on the ground, to get your shot. The behind the scenes photo on Facebook gave me a little chuckle this morning. Thanks!! 🙂

    • Haha, Im glad you enjoyed my crazy shooting pose 🙂 Its true too, I will make myself look like a complete crazy person if it means I will get the shot haha. Thank you for such kind words Cindy 🙂

  5. Beautiful shot – Church entrances can be so captivating..

  6. Great shot! Did you used hdr?

  7. Carlos Ferreira on said:

    Sounds like you had a great time. I’d never have thought of using HDR there, but it certainly worked well.

    • I often find myself thinking in HDR when it comes to scenes like these. Much of what drew me into the scene was the color and textures/detail so I wanted to be sure I could capture it all and relay the beauty back to you guys 🙂 Thanks again Carlos

  8. Great shot and perspective.

  9. Your friend well and truly exposed you hahahaha!

  10. Mmmmm…..simply beautiful!

  11. Stunning shot. Great way to spend the day too, heading to an unfamiliar place with no maps or plans other than exploration.

  12. beautiful, love the color doors,

  13. J. G. Burdette on said:

    Lovely picture and a very imposing building.

  14. Among other things, “ominous” comes to mind. Great shot! Love everything about old churches, temples, holy sites. (I’d like to see this in B&W, too.)

  15. Love the red doors and the angle of the shot! Very dramatic! ~ Sheila

  16. This is EPIC! Good stuff man!

  17. Nice color and detail.

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