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Back Alley Splatter

ISO200 50mm f/5 1/200sec

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24 thoughts on “Back Alley Splatter

  1. George Weaver on said:

    Wonderful depth of color. Really nice.

  2. Well, it’s obvious that I have a twisted mind because when I saw the title I immediately thought murder crime scene. I definitely prefer your photo to what my mind was thinking!!

  3. Wonderful! Makes a very interesting composition of textures and color.

  4. avian101 on said:

    Good shot! 🙂

  5. Brilliant ! Literally Lo-ved it !

  6. Lovely picture.. The textures and colours are just wonderful.

  7. polly on said:

    very interesting and nice

  8. What’s even more interesting is the separate colors of the wall and how rugged they are. Always great work, Nick.

    • Thanks Rommel, I felt the same way! Ive shot the contrasting reds on this wall before but was pleased to find this fresh piece of added interest this time around 🙂

  9. Really like this. I have a love for brickwork and when you can find some that is unique (like the shot here) it just makes it all the more interesting and appealing.

    • Hey thanks Mikey! I agree, brick is absolutely one of my favorite textures and when I can find that extra interest Im jumping on the shot 🙂

      • I really like the composition of this photo too, by the way; not just the subject matter. The paint splatter is framed up in the photo in a way that it just draws you into the scene. Makes you wonder exactly how the splatter happened. You have to love photos that make you wonder about the story behind them. Thanks for sharing this one.

  10. To be honest Nick, I would have walked right past this and never spotted this shot. But you did, nice! Great color, texture, and overall composition….not bad for an alien crime scene!

    • Haha, thanks Alex! This happens to be about 2 feet over from one of my favorite spots in our downtown area out here, and to tell you the truth if it wasn’t for that I may have looked over it as well haha. Thanks again

  11. Ciao Nick, thanks for the like on my blog:-) And welcome as a follower!
    Just checked out some of your shots, great stuff, am now following you and look foreword to seeing your new work. ciao , Lynne

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