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Golden Highlights

ISO200 214mm f/5.6 1/640sec

I love breaking the rhythm and exploring new places or revisiting places I haven’t been in years. Today, I did just that, exploring a bike path I used to travel each day on the way to work some 4 years ago. It wasn’t the original location of choice however it led to a wonderful day of shooting.. as well as some great exercise πŸ™‚ . As my good friend Hogan and I set out for the evenings photo walk the sun was still pretty harsh in the sky and most of our initial exploring was taking beaten paths off the main trail, to see what kind of idiotic danger we could get ourselves into. Luckily the only danger we came across was the random horse droppings, that if it weren’t our awesome Ninja like awareness and reflexes, would have resulted in what Im sure would be a far more interesting… yet disgusting story.

As our evenings adventure progressed on into the falling sunset we shared many quick “hello” “hey hows it going” conversations with the bikers, skaters and runners that passed us by. My initial intent for the evening was to find the horse ranch I remember passing on the way to work “back in the day”. We trekked about an hour down this path before coming across any horses, which actually worked out to my advantage as it took about that time to position the sun at the beautiful “golden hour” position. As if by magic the scenery around slowly started to come to life, being emphasized by the gorgeously golden highlights that surround the now starkly contrasted edges.

The first round of shots I took of the horses were good, but I still wasn’t satisfied and knew the area had more to offer. So we continued on down the path another 50 yards or so when we came to this shimmering pond surrounded by these, now golden lit, plants just waiting to be captured and observed for times to come. It was these specific plants that stood out more than the others, being there were only a few to be seen and their shapes most interesting against the beautiful light.

I did stop to shoot the horses once more (With my camera people!! Don’t go calling PETA) with some pleasing results, and may cheat a bit by back posting them for yesterdays pic as my day was too hectic to a lot my precious shooting time.

I also posted an interesting pic from the evening on the Nick Exposed Facebook PageΒ tonight, demonstrating the sheer awesomeness of shooting in Camera Raw and editing in Lightroom. If you haven’t done so yet go follow the page and check out the cool before and after pic.

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34 thoughts on “Golden Highlights

  1. Amazing.
    Love all the golden tones that you captured.

  2. I LIKE LIKE LIKE this plant and the lighting. Great job, Nick.

  3. Beautiful shot with such lovely lights and tones.

  4. That is just stunning!! Nice job. And by the way, I loved the part about your “Ninja like awareness and reflexes”. That gave me my first chuckle of the morning. Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  5. Lovely image and use of backlighting, Sally

  6. Nick – lovely photos – love how you see beauty in the most insignificant object and make it so significant. I really enjoy reading your tips — I love taking photos but I’m not a photographer – one day I hope to be more versed in this area!

  7. Great shot Nick! Though I wish the bark / tree trunk thingy behind wasn’t there. It’s a little distracting.

  8. Absolutely goreous!

  9. Really loving this shot. Great capture, wonderful composition, & super colours.

  10. Just wonderful backlight. It reminds me of fall harvest. Have missed our visits, Nick. Hope life is brimming with pleasure for you.

  11. Funny how people see beauty differently – I think the bark / tree trunk totally adds to this picture – I think it would be boring without it!

  12. Beautiful image! Wonderful tones and light!

  13. Stunning shot!

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  15. Nice lighting Nick.

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