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Special Collaboration Daily Exposure!

ISO100 50mm f/4.6 1/800sec

For St. Patty’s day a new (Really COOL) friend of mine, Shannon from,  and I decided it would be a great opportunity to collaborate on a shoot. We thought it would be interesting to see how two creatives, living hundreds of miles apart, would visualize the same subject, which in this case was the idea of “Luck of the Irish”. As Shannon mentions below, the rules were simple, find a subject that represents the idea of Irish luck, while maintaining a creative mindset and not going for the “givens”.

This was a bit more difficult than I had originally anticipated. As you’ll read below Shannon and I actually went through many of the same struggles when coming up with an idea of subject. I wanted to do something that wasn’t too overly done, and initially discarded the idea of the pot of gold. I also wanted to avoid the other obvious choices of four leaf clovers, leprechauns and horse shoe kind of things. The thing was, once you eliminate these choices, your left with some pretty slim pickins!

So the new idea was to take one that I felt was less likely to have been overdone (pot of gold), and give it an interesting Nick twist.

As a kid my all time favorite cereal was Lucky Charms, which was ironic because I would be lucky if my Mom got it for me… something about bouncing off the walls and climbing the ceiling… psshh. So it hit me why not have the gold be a bowl of my treasured Lucky Charms. But I didn’t want it to be just any ol’ bowl.. no no no.

This was a Pot O’ Gold!!

It was a treasure you were lucky to come by!!

Leprechauns aren’t going to put their life into guarding just any ol’ bowl of cereal!!

So I was off on a search for the perfect bowl, which I must add bowls themselves are actually pretty hard to find for some reason, let alone the perfect bowl. Its funny how the reoccurring theme of luck kept popping into the journey towards the pic. I was just about to give up my search and go for a simple black mug, when I happened to walk down an isle that was completely unassociated with cookware of any kind and on the end cap was this Beautiful.. Marvelous.. PERFECT bowl… ON SALE (Last one even!). Coincidence? I THINK NOT!! In fact I think I heard the laughter of a leprechaun in the distant background.

I must say this was a blast to shoot! The park the shot took place at was unsurprisingly packed today, which was fun to watch all the joggers almost trip on the bridge as they looked back to see what the heck I was doing.

Im very pleased with the results, not only my own but especially with Shannon’s! She surprised me with her subject, and although it was not a contest, I must say she wins the creativity award for thinking outside the St. Patty’s day box!

The biggest thing I notice in our projects, is the consistency in obstacle we both had to overcome. It seems we both had very similar thought patterns when it came to the shoot, yet still ended up with pleasantly different results. I truly enjoyed the collab and look forward to hopefully many more with her and others in the near future!! 🙂

Below is Shannon’s Pic and thoughts!


Luck of the Photo

It seemed like such a simple…but appropriate and quietly brilliant idea.  A photo of “the luck of the irish”…  How hard could that be?

Wellllllll….turns out, it was a bit difficult for me.

A few weeks ago, Nick at and I were hatching a plan for a joint blog.  We set ourselves only two guidelines – a theme, and the expectation of creativity – and we went to work.

Now to me, the obvious photo would be an image depicting a shamrock (although, they’re a bit hard to come by in CT this time of year) or a leprechaun with his pot of gold (even harder to find real live leprechauns! haha)…I even considered something involving Guinness or green beer!  Fortunately, I ran into two problems.

First, the stores around me have already moved on to Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies.  Second, and more importantly, most popular St. Patty’s Day icons would not fully convey the intangible concept of “irish luck”…and taking photos of those aforementioned icons seemed too safe and too easy.  If you recall, we only had two stipulations at the beginning of this project.  I had the feeling someone would notice if I skipped the second one. 😉

I stewed over this problem for a few weeks. Historically, the people of Ireland were considered to have bad luck.  It wasn’t until the eventual success of Irish-Americans that our perception of “irish luck” began to change.  So, did I take a photo of someone who had seen better days?  Did I ask them to wear a leprechaun costume first?

Would it be considered poor taste to recreate bad luck events that shaped the irish people?  Did I even need to strive for a literal photo? Or would conceptual fit the bill?

Could I use color to signify nationality? Symbolism? Could I incorporate lesser known, but more meaningful Celtic symbols?

In the end, I chose a studio setting and created an image with symbolism and room for interpretation.  On either side of the hand, I used stained glass in front of light stands – one piece of green glass, one orange – to pull the colors of Ireland into the image.  After some internal debate, I included the shamrock beads.  While they are a symbol of holiday commercialism, they are also one of the most recognizable symbols of Irish culture.  Finally, I included a personal expression of luck…I tend to be a finger crosser! =)

The question is, what do you think of our collaborative photo project/challenge?  Does it inspire you to try something similar? Do you want to try your own hand at some creative interpretation?  We hope so!

I highly suggest you check out Shannon’s other work, as she has a truly creative mind!

And be sure to follow her on Facebook

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35 thoughts on “Special Collaboration Daily Exposure!

  1. Kudos to the both of you! Nicely done!

  2. This was such a creative, unique, and fun blog!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to both of you 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too!

  4. Amazing. Both ended up being examples of beautiful concepts and photography. Same subject, same rules and the result so totally different. A great way to stretch both of your creative talents. Very nice. 😀

    • Thanks Shez! When Shannon came to me with the idea of a collab project like this, I couldn’t help but get excited about it. Great experience, and Im sure we will have another one on the books soon! 🙂

  5. Sonel on said:


  6. I agree with everyone else. This is amazing!! Well done to both of you. 🙂

  7. Fun! Both are great, creative shots.

    Happy st paddy’s day!!!!

  8. Great idea, and very interesting results.

    • Thanks Richard! It was great fun working with someone as creative as Shannon. I agree the results are interesting, especially the journey towards the results. It was great to see we both shared the same struggles. haha

  9. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  10. How creative! Great idea and great result 🙂

  11. Thank you all for the kind words. This truly was a fun project and a great way to stretch our creativity! I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying it as much as we did! =)

  12. what a fun idea! If you ever want to try it with someone on another continent, drop me a line 🙂

  13. You both seem to have had fun doing this. Shannon is a very Irish name, there being a River Shannon in Ireland and a town. You collaborated with the right person for this Irish theme.

  14. Daniel Garcia on said:

    Reblogged this on Visually Smart and commented:
    that’s is awesome. 😀

  15. Jealous much!? Those are two just wonderful photos! Enjoyed the story behind them as well. Great idea 🙂

  16. Irish luck as sweet as Lucky Charms cereal.
    Irish luck colored as a rainbow of hope.
    Both photos are great. Congratulations!

  17. Dr M on said:

    Very interesting renditions. A bonus is the fact that I remember lucky charm cereals from my first time visiting USA and they bring back warm, funny and exciting feelings.
    For my thoughts on collaborative photo project/challenges, I am in full favour! They do inspire me when I see them in other people blogs, and I am sure that they challenge and inspire both collaborators in so many levels. I hope I will have the chance to participate in some soon.
    I browsed a little your blog and I really appreciate your mission and the fact that you push your personal growth but also try to inspire your readers. I will read your blog avidly to keep my creative/travelling/growing momentum going and get some tips from you.

    Dr.M the interactive traveller

    • Hey thanks Dr. M! You are correct the collabs push us as creatives, which is extremely exciting. Shannon and I will be doing another collab soon! I look forward to having you as a reader and interacting in the future!

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