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Racing the Sun

ISO200 96mm f/10 1/40sec


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63 thoughts on “Racing the Sun

  1. I really like this one!

  2. The sun looks like his helmet and his shirt. Everything else just added blaze to the whole.

  3. How do you get the sun to not be so bright?

    • Underexposed for one, but there was enough haze in the air to cut down the harsh sunlight.

      • No filters or anything? Did you have any issues with noise from the underexposure?

        • Hey Josy, nope no filters on camera, however I did do a graduated filter in Lightroom to help bring back the colors I seen with my eye. And no I didn’t have any issues with noise, however I would never let a bit of noise ruin a picture for me these days. Im more interested in capturing interesting scenes than perfect pixels when it comes to my street shots 🙂

  4. kingofnox on said:

    Can’t go wrong with Lyon! Love the shot Nick.

    • Yea Lyon has given me some nice shots in the past. I love the high view of the city below, as well as the decent workout walking back to my car at the top hahaha. Thanks Edward! Hey if your ever out shooting around in GR, let me know Im always looking for other Photogs to get together and shoot with 🙂

  5. What a stunning photo! I like. 🙂

  6. Great shot! That’s near the community college, isn’t it? And farther down there’s the court, I think.

  7. Santi on said:

    Simply great!!!! The scene is fantastic, composition brilliant, colour and light fabulous!!! That’s one of these shots that I’d like to take. Well seen!!! And an early bird shot!! 🙂

  8. I love the action captured in the foreground, great shot Nick, you continue to inspire me to improve my own photography

  9. WOW! In the right time, right place, right action! This is great shot… Thank you dear Nick, have a nice day and weekend, with my love, nia

  10. Just fantastic 🙂 amazing 🙂

  11. Great shot Nick! What jumped out at me right away is how the traffic lights look like miniature suns trying to race to catch up to the “mommy” sun. 🙂

  12. Very nice composition. Lots of interesting elements and the sun looks amazing.

  13. Great shot Nick and good timing with the kid on the bike…
    – Martin

    • Thanks Martin, I just about missed the shot being I was just getting out of my car right there. Luckily had my camera on my shoulder and ready to go when I got out, heard the biker coming up and quickly framed to let him enter the scene. haha

  14. Beautiful photo!!!

  15. lisislu on said:

    Such a great photo, light is perfect!

  16. Unbelieveable. Wonderful shot. Love the sun just on the horizon. The guy on the bike looks like he is racing towards the sun.


  17. Not much I can add to the others’ comments. We all like it. 😉 A lot!

    The first thing that caught my eye was that the sun was “suspended over the street by the wires. ”

    Of course it isn’t. But all along the Columbia River huge orange balls are suspended across it, to warn pilots not to fly because they are approaching a bridge or high-power lines.

    Next time we go to watch wind surfers, I’ll be sure to focus on them instead of trying to position myself to not get them in the photo. 😉

  18. Awesome capture!

  19. Nice urban shot, perfect timing

  20. Very nice photo and thanks for the like on my blog!

  21. This shot is framed so right. Great photo Nick.

  22. Hi Nick, thanks for the Follow on my recently started blog. Browsing through your work here, great timing on this one. Shots like this make want to go out and shoot more



    (trying to post a comment yesterday but my connection went down I think, so not sure if this is double post)

    • Hey Gabby! Nope I don’t think this was double posted at all. Thanks for your kind words, and yes that is so true, the only way to capture un-scripted scenes like this is to be out with camera in hand. I try and make it a point to have the camera with me everywhere I go, so its never a I have to go out and shoot now, but more of Im out already so I might as well shoot. Thanks again for your kind words 🙂

  23. A very cool shot Nick!

  24. Absolutely stunning capture. The right place at the right time. Excellent.

  25. norinep on said:

    Beautiful time of day. Very nice capture of the Sun.

  26. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I sure do appreciate it!! I LOVE your sunset picture…beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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