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ISO800 50mm f/5.6 1/100sec

The city was definitely filled with life this weekend, so I thought I would take the opportunity to put up another mini series of people watching street photography shots from saturdays photo walk.

The first isn’t exactly a people watching shot, however it is related to the last series I posted. I absolutely love shooting this mens dress ware store because they are constantly changing the setups in the front window, giving me something different to shoot just about every time I walk past. You may remember this store from the “Half Off” image in the last mini series. This time I couldn’t help but want to share its smiles with everyone.

ISO 400 50mm f/5.6 1/250sec

“Kicked Out”

This group of young biker friends had just been kicked off the stairway to the left by building security for doing tricks and riding around. However they refused to let it ruin their fun. As they sat here plotting their next make shift bike park they noticed my camera and insisted I snap a few shots. I cant help but laugh at the various expressions they generously offered. It reminds me of my teenage years with friends, which I must admit to most we probably appeared to be hooligans out to cause mischief and commotion like these kids.

ISO400 50mm f/6.3 1/125sec

“Casual Conversation”

I loved the relaxed position these two were in, as they carried on their casual conversation. They were extremely kind, and we exchanged a brief conversation ourselves before I moved on to continue my walk. I love when people ask about where my pictures are going, because it gives me the opportunity to share my excitement for the blog. I gave them the web address and do hope they decide to swing by to see the result.

ISO200 50mm f/5.6 1/80sec


Though this is far from the most sharp image of the day, I still love the strong personal style this gentleman exudes. With the outstanding handle bar mustache, bold yet well groomed side burns, ring and clothing this guy is the definition of confidence when it comes to personal style. Again he was extremely kind and even let me take a few quick portraits, however I am yet a fan of catching people in action even if while in their action they catch me in action shooting.

ISO200 50mm f/5.6 1/30sec


The city was filled with various outlets of music throughout the day, including multiple street performers. These guys were excellent musicians and I found myself pulling back from my camera over and over in order to sit back and appreciate what they had to offer.

This weekend has really gotten me excited for spring and summer. So much energy to be had now that the warm weather has started to reappear, and I cant help but pray that it stays this way moving forward.

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21 thoughts on “Smiles

  1. Great set of images Nick, I really enjoyed the couple the most, I love that only one leg is dangling over the edge. I’m planning on some street photography this weekend so this helps to get the bravery juices flowing.

    • Absolutely Howard, its a ton of fun and the connections you make with people is the best part. Just remember to be bold but respectful, and finish off with a sincere smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. pradeepjavedar on said:

    This is a good collection, specially when u share your thoughts about the images it gives the images a new dimension, i must agree with Howard the picture of the couple conversing is the best and soothing one! good going!

  3. I really like the guy with the Moustache, did some street photography over the weekend myself and will be posting a few up soon. As allways keep them coming.

  4. I really want to delve into street photography, but haven’t gotten to confidence to walk up to a total stranger and ask to take their photo. I’m working on it, though. And even though it wasn’t the sharpest, the guy with the moustache is definitely my favorite photo!

    • Hey Valerie, yea theres a bit of an initial hump to get over when it comes to street photography. But as long as you remember to respect people while at the same time being bold enough to get in and get the shot you’ll do just fine.

  5. I like all of these, especially Buskers & Distinguished. He (“Distinguished”) looks like a young Kevin Kline … like when he made _A Fish Called Wanda_ with Jamie Lee Curtis. The Buskers are just flat out cool.

  6. All great .. but especially liked ‘Buskers’. Nice collection.

  7. Santi on said:

    Great series and concept!! Like the narrative!!

  8. great street shot.

  9. I really like the discriptions of each photo, and especially like the couple in conversation, it appears so natural.

  10. Buskers is my fav. Nice.

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