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Apollo Capsule

ISO400 18mm f/11 1/320sec

I’ve been out all weekend away from the computer so I now have to play catch up with the last few days posts. This weekend has been absolutely gorgeous starting off with a beautiful Friday! I took a trip out to the local museum to capture this shot of the space time capsule displayed out front. It worked out beautifully with the repeated space theme on the banners left up from last weeks Mars exhibit.

I’ve always had a interest in things related to space, and still find it incredibly difficult to imagine that which is outer-space. Up until recently I never realized my town Grand Rapids had its own space hero named Roger B. Chaffee, who was an Astronaut that lost his life due to a fire on the Apollo 1 space capsule in 1967. There are many memorial references to Chaffee throughout GR, including a street named in his honor (which I’ve always known as the local street racing spot, not that I would ever illegally drag race on the streets), and a planetarium within this museum (in which I watch a Pink Floyd laser light show each October).

This capsule was a test boilerplate that was lost by NASA during a training exercise off the coast of England, then recovered by the Soviet Union and returned to the US. It was turned into a time capsule containing memorabilia collected by local high school, reflecting life in Grand Rapids MI during the nations Bicentennial. It is on loan from the National Air and Space Museum to the people of GR, until it is to be opened July 4th 2076 for the Nations Tricentennial.

There you go, the educational side to the Daily Exposure section. Who ever said you cant learn about history with your photography? Curiosity is a wonderful learning tool!

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8 thoughts on “Apollo Capsule

  1. Great shot. Love the history behind your town and it’s link to space. I agree with you about space. It is something magical and powerful. So much out there that we don’t know about. I enjoy seeing images that come back from the Hubble telescope. Some of those galaxies are amazing. It blows the mind.

  2. Fantastic processing and nice story to go with it šŸ™‚

  3. That’s in front of the GR Public Museum, isn’t it?

  4. Santi on said:

    Great shot and text!!

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