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Demolished Penny

ISO100 24mm f/7.1 1/8sec

Nothing says Cutco like a cut penny!

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15 thoughts on “Demolished Penny

  1. Of course if you want to be really ‘artistic’ about it, you could take a really stylistic shot of said penny and with some tweaking (perhaps) you could put it up as “Commentary on the economic conditions and/or divisiveness of our times” or some such! 😀 I’m sure people would eat it up!

  2. I have the same scissors (and a set of steak knives). And so do a number of my colleagues at work. Ablout 15 years ago we were all invited to attend a cutco sales pitch… by the 18 year old son of our VP at work, at the time. At the vp’s house. Not necessarily in line with proper work ettiquette, but he sure sold a bunch of cutco that day! 🙂

    Luckily they are very good knives…..

    Nice shot

    • They are FANTASTIC knives!!! I sold for a few years and was a District Manager for a while after that, if it wasn’t for chasing my dreams as a creative I would still happily be selling the worlds finest cutlery full time! I Love Love Love the product and still sell on the side as a bit of a hobby. It makes me smile when I hear someone has the product in their house, because I know they are satisfied customers 🙂

  3. fabala24 on said:

    I have those scissors and a set of the knives too. I sold them one summer, but didn’t make enough to pay for my knife set. They are wonderful knives and I still use mine! Do they still have the “forever” guarantee? Great shot!

  4. I currently work for Cutco. When I cut the penny on demos, the reactions are priceless

    • Woohoooo!! I’ve been waiting for a rep to comment at some point. Isn’t it just the greatest! I absolutely love the product and cant help but continue to sell on the side from time to time. Im still very much involved with the Vector/Cutco world, and owe much of my success to the teaching and experience I received from the company! Thanks for swinging by and leaving a fun comment Jodie!!

  5. Hahah! Awesome. I used to sell Cutco. WAY back… (over thirty yrs ago). Loved cutting pennies. And slicing through a stack of leather “like butter”!
    I think my parents (one of my first customers of course) still have a set.

  6. Ha! My husband sold those waaay back before we were married. Lucky me, when we got married I got a set of Cutco knives (and scissors) too woohoo!

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