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Off Season

ISO 100 55mm f/4 1/60

With the recent snowfall I decided to make another trip to the local park to see how the scenery has changed with the addition of the fluffy white highlights. Most of the scenery was not to my liking as it was a rather gray day out, which wasn’t to flattering to the park. However I did like this scene with the lonely unused bench as the court is in hibernation for the off season. Its only company being the dusting of snow that surrounds. Read more…

Photographic Inspiration: David duChemin

About 2 weeks ago I came across a fantastic book titled “Photographically Speaking”, and it has played a huge part in changing the way I look at my photos and the way I think about my framing when approaching a scene. The author of the book is the extraordinary photographer David duChemin, and when I continued to search through his work and writings it was like a never ending fountain of knowledge and inspiration. He approaches his photos with such a strong personal vision and seems to have such a distinct reason for each element in his scenes. With his teachings he focuses heavily on photographic vision and the story telling aspect of the art, so its no wonder that his photos contain such stories with depth and dimension. Read more…

Illusions of the wall

ISO 100 50mm f/8 1/200sec

which way are the side walls coming or going?

Facebook Contest Giveaway!!

Hello fellow creatives, I wanted to make a quick post to wet the taste buds so to speak on the upcoming Nick Exposed Facebook Contest Giveaway that will be going live this weekend!

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Leo under the Sun

ISO 1600 50mm f/11 1/320sec

Unfortunately a vast majority of todays shots were lost to a mysterious smudge across half my lens. I didn’t realize it until I had opened the pictures up in Lightroom. Luckily with a small few I had taken the shot from a distance and had some room to crop. So, at the lose of a few other elements in the scene I am able to bring this photo to life while the others sit archived in the unpleasant accidents folder haha. You can actually see the ending of the smudge trail still to the bottom left of the lions head.

I do however still enjoy this scene, as I myself am a Leo, which is my total extent of knowledge on the subject of Zodiacs! It actually goes well with the circle, which I like calling a full moon, however being Ive shot in the midst of daylight I shall call it the sun. But either way it adds an extra sense of the mystical feeling of “The Signs” or so I would assume. The mixture of straight and diagonal lines bring a sort of simple complexity to the scene siding more with the moon rather than the much more complex lion. He stand apart from the rest as king of the beasts (or in this case the wall I suppose), and yet is connected enough to bring the whole piece together in a sort of Circle of life kind of thing, the mashing of the simplistic with the more complex.

Ready for Action

ISO 1600 50mm f/4 1/250sec

I really enjoyed coming across this shot! There was just so much to the scene that I absolutely loved! The worn yellow paint on the steps adding to the story of time that takes place within the frame. Of course I loved the crumbled loose bricks adding the extra level of grunge and a sort of mysteriousness as we are peaking around this corner, I am almost tempted to continue moving my body to see what more there is to offer around the rest of this wall. And of course the protagonist of the story the bold eagerly awaiting fire extinguisher.

Its as if the fire extinguisher is just peering out of the window ready for its chance to be the Hero. As red as the color of Supermans cape… or underwear (but thats just weird), this guardian is keeping watch over the streets of his town, awaiting for the day he will come to rescue and bare his mighty ability, to distinguish a tall flame with a single blow.

Im not sure when his day will come, but I feel more at ease knowing he is watching over the streets of Downtown. Thank you bold hero… Thank you.. .. .. *tear*.. *bow*… *curtain*.. Nailed it


ISO100 34mm f/22 1/8/sec

This is an idea thats been sitting in my head for some time now. I gained my inspiration from a talk I used to give my Reps back in my District Management days. In talking about how some things only hold value to people if presented in a certain package, and how most products can only depreciate in value over extended amounts of time. To prove my point I would hold up a bottle of top name water and ask “who would pay 3 dollars for this bottle of water”, and at least half the hands would go up. I would then hold up a styrofoam cup full of water and ask again “who would pay 3 dollars for this cup of water”, and not only did no hands go up, but the room would start to fill with subtle chuckles as the reps started to think their manager was going crazy. I would then take another styrofoam cup and ask “How many of you realized all I did was this…” as I poured the water from the bottle into the cup. It was at this point that they realized they were paying for the bottle rather than the water.  Read more…

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