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ISO 100 51mm f/5.6 1/4sec

It’s posted in my bio, but Im sure most people still don’t know that I was an amateur magician a couple years back. I consider magic to be a piece of art, a well thought out example of creative expression. Still to this day I love the feel of a crisp just opened deck of casino quality playing cards gently gripped between the fingers. I love the sound of playing cards as their shuffled, riffled, dribbled and sprung and would find enjoyment in just playing with the 52 pasteboards all day long. I myself have close to 30 decks of playing cards in various colors, shapes and sizes, many of which are special limited edition decks that I rarely play with in fear of destroying them. Its kind of like my mini gallery of fine art playing cards haha. Theres literally random cards stuck to my ceiling, which makes for a great conversation starter for those who I have over to the studio. I know the stories behind the cards, and over the years have acquired many stories of my own.

Yet, even though I have this fascination with these 2.5×3.5 in. sheets of quality paper, I often dread playing any card games haha. When I look at cards I immediately associate them with magic and would much rather make cards disappear then yell out go fish. I do make exceptions for the occasional poker game (No one trusts me for whatever reason), or games of B.S., but typically few and far between. I love mystery and have always been intrigued by the mystique of magi and their exotic craft. I love combining multiple creative forces into one piece of art, in this case my passion for magic with my passion for photography. I look to do a series in the future dedicated to the art and mystery of magic.

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40 thoughts on “Bicycle

  1. StrangeLittleGirl Photography on said:

    Great shot!

  2. Wow, such a beautiful photo! I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I just love posts like this. Great job, keep it up!

  3. What a great shot! I love your creativity.

  4. I made a reference to a magician in my blog today. I guess today was Magic day

  5. Very nicely done! I really like the overall look and composition of this shot.

  6. Great composition… learned something new about you 🙂

  7. nice simple straight forward picture……..i like……………i would not play poker with you though………..

  8. Nice shot of the pack. I’m a bit of a Roy Walton fan myself. I much prefer the old tricks to the newer ones today. Currently trying to source a new rainbow cascade.

    • Ooo good trick man. Im mostly lean towards a straight up deck with sleights but I really do dig that trick. Thanks for sharing Mike and if you ever post any videos of your performance make sure Im one of the first to know 🙂

      • The ending, depending on your patter, really boggles their minds. There are a few demos on YouTube. But their patter falls a bit flat on me. I’m mostly in to straight decks too, but the first time I had it demod to me in Devenports (London), I had my money in my hand in

        • Hahaha thats what happens in a good magic shop. I would be broke if I bought everything that had baffled me in the shop out here haha. 🙂 But your completely correct.. the patter will make or break the trick! Thanks again Mike 🙂

  9. Great one…and excelent title, fooled me about the photo 🙂

  10. tranquilmomentsphotography on said:

    Love the shot Nick!

  11. Great pictures; love the arrangement and tones/shadows. I’ve got some Bicycle Guardians, but I use them solely for Texas hold ’em – very nice cards.

  12. The picture is great, Nick.

  13. Great shot and great narrative!!

  14. That’s a great photo, Nick.

    I wouldn’t play poker with you either. It’s not you, I never developed that poker face, which makes me easy prey. I do like magic. Some shows I seen were awesome. 😉

  15. Great shot and description of your magical arts.

  16. You’ve shot an ‘ace’! All about lighting. Beautiful!

  17. Nice, I just busted out a deck the other day… Did a color change. I’m a bit rusty though… I feel you though. I used to clean my hands and dry them before touching a deck. I miss magic! Thanks for this post and your photos are amazing!

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