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Through the wall

ISO 1600 50mm f/4 1/40sec

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to explore downtown. So many times the thought of “I wonder where this road will take me” has led to some fun discoveries new to my eyes. Today that is exactly what happened!

I was on my way downtown when I had come to a red light I often come up against when I choose to take this path. The light seemed unusually long today which was perfect because it led to me turning right rather than continuing through on my normal course. I had never been down this way and I could quickly see why as most buildings were abandoned with little reason to be passing through unless you were doing exactly that just passing through. However this passer by decided to stop and explore what this interesting area had to offer.

At first I found the coolest abandoned warehouse that literally looked like it would collapse at any moment. The walls were no longer leaning straight up but more in a zigzag along the whole side of the building, which was sided with metal siding that resembled the Ruffles Lays potato chips. I had come out with the 50 on, which didn’t give me the wide angle I would have liked in order to do this elderly warehouse any justice. The best way I could describe it is take a homemade shed that someone cobbled together in their backyard with left over scraps they found in a dumpster at the construction site down the street and make it a hundred times bigger.

After moving on from the decrepit storage facility I moved on down the street taking various snaps along the way. My reoccurring tale today was pulling into building parking lots that I am sure I was not suppose to be in, however given the time most everyone had left so I was free to roam. One of the coolest discoveries of the day had to have been this “Building” which wasn’t even a building or a wall it was like a combo building wall, I really don’t know how to explain it other than an interesting structure. Its decor reminded me much of the scene at the beginning of my challenge with similar brickwork and stars. This structure had collapsed in many different areas, however it was this hole that intrigued me the most (Partially because I didn’t have access to the rest of the collapsed areas).

This time Im not going to share the stories my mind created to fulfill the mystery that lay inside this structure. I will leave it to you to imagine your own stories, however mine may eventually come out in the comments haha.

Again I captured a part of the day on my 35mm Minolta, and am excited to see how it turned out when I develop the film. Luckily I had the 800 asa film as todays conditions definitely called for it. The Canon AE-1 is finally sprawled out on my desk getting its seals replaced, so I should be shooting leak free images with it by the end of the week.

And lastly If you haven’t done so yet check out the Nick Exposed Facebook page! There is currently a contest to win a copy of Photographically Speaking, signed by the awesome author David duChemin. The contest ends soon and you wont want to miss out, so head over there right now, look in the notes section or on the wall for the contest details and put your submission in! Also feel free to share the facebook page with fellow creatives, I have a goal number of likes in mind for the next contest to be announced at. So the sooner we hit it, the sooner I can share amazing prizes with you 😉

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32 thoughts on “Through the wall

  1. Fantastic colors and framing, the 3d idea of the wall is fantastic 🙂

  2. great spotting and shooting. Is it actually HDR as per your tags, or just the one exposure? I’m trying to figure out how deep the hole is and how the back wall is so clear at f/4.

    • It is Hdr, with the available light I couldn’t get both exposed properly for just one exposure. The wall goes back about 15 feet or so. I think because of so much texture it sort of reduced the depth of field after HDR processing. Thanks for the kind words and comments 🙂

      • right, that explains it.

        So – technical question(s) – is the front exposure at f/4 and the rear at a different (lower number / bigger hole I assume) f/stop? or are they the same f but different Tv? and are you using the same focus point for both, or are you border-focusing the front exposure and centre-focusing the back? Or is it all just exposure compensation? If you don’t mind explaining, that is – I am interested in understanding the technique.

        Also, is the meaning of life still 42?

        wait, that may be one question too many 🙂

  3. An intriguing shot! I have also discovered many unusual and interesting things in my neighborhood. Tall person takes pictures of them and I post them on my blog. There is a house in my street whose roof has collapsed, leaving spines like an old beached and bleached whale.

  4. Fascinating. I’ve already got my story for what’s beyond. I’m keeping it to myself because it’s my mystery to uncover. Beautiful shot.

  5. Absolutely fabulous.

  6. Rick Schuster on said:

    Lovely image!

  7. what a fantastically crazy spot. thanks for sharing!

  8. I love what that photo reveals and it intrigues me even more by what it doesn’t reveal. A perfect setting for a good mystery. 😉

  9. I need a place with a little more culture, or at least a place with a larger area of culture. Nice shot, as usual.

  10. Great shot, scene and narration!

  11. Love the texture and tones 🙂

  12. Great old wall. Looks like it is dying for somebody to dig up and tell its story.

    • Agreed Dave! I just found out tonight a great friend of mine shot the same wall a few years back! Which is crazy because its not easy to come across by any means. I look forward to seeing her results and am always pleased you took a liking to mine 🙂

  13. Hi Nick! This was quite the find! There are a lot of interesting things going on in that shot – I like it a lot!

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