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Facebook Contest Giveaway has Launched!!

IT IS TIME... for this weekends contest!! The contest is rather simple, post a reply on the Nick Exposed Facebook wall to this question:

 What does photographic (or creative) vision mean to you?

There’s no right or wrong answer really, but we are going to go off of poplular vote, so throughout the weekend send your creative friends and family to the page to vote by clicking the like. The response that has the most likes by the end of the contest will win the awesome prize listed below.

But heres the catch to make things fair you must vote yourself by liking at least 2 other responses throughout the duration of the contest.

The contest will end midnight est. on Wednesday Feb. 29th, but the sooner you post your reply the better chances of getting more votes… Im just sayin

Whats the prize?!?!?!

Im glad you asked!!

The Winner will receive a SIGNED copy of David duChemins outstanding book Photographically Speaking. Did he say signed? Yes I did, and no its not signed by me… that would be worthless. I was just going to do a regular copy at first, but I made a call this week and managed to get my hands on a signed copy specifically for this giveaway to add some extra value to the lucky winner! This is a $50 book and with David’s signature its easily worth like 4 Thousand… Japanese Yen. But seriously this book has had a huge impact in the way Ive approached my photography and I wanted to spread the inspiration with my Awesome fans 🙂

Feel free to leave a response below but only comments on the Facebook page are eligible to win, so get on over there and start posting!!

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